Ecological Society of America Conference

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iDigBio is going to the 101st Ecological Society of America meeting. This year's conference centers around the Anthropocene. At ESA, you'll see iDigBio in the exhibit space and in the symposium: Leveraging the Power of Biodiversity Specimen Data for Ecological Research at ESA 2016. Come see our new exhibit, check out the new Libraries of Life cards, our new video, and plan on attending our symposium in person, or remotely! You can get a sneak preview of the talks and see the speakers via the Wiki for this iDigBio symposium .

From the ESA website

ESA 2016 theme: Novel Ecosystems in the Anthropocene

With a rapidly changing climate, altered hydrological and nutrient cycles, dominance of large regions by agricultural and urban ecosystems, and massive movement of species to new continents, the Earth has entered a new epoch characterized by human influence. Understanding the basic principles of ecology will be more important than ever before, to predict how new combinations of species in new environments will develop into functioning, novel ecosystems. Building on The Ecological Society of America’s 2015 Centennial meeting—Ecological Science at the Frontier—the 101st annual meeting will support sessions that explore how ecosystem structure and function respond to multiple drivers of change, how resource managers can cope with developing novel ecosystems, and potential benefits and problems that society will face as we progress into the Anthropocene Epoch.

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Deb, Molly, Libby, et al at iDigBio


Start Date: 
Sunday, August 07, 2016 (All day) to Friday, August 12, 2016 (All day)
Fort Lauderdale