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iDigBio Paleocollections Workshop 2012: Digitization at the Smithsonian and the Paleobiology Database Wagner, Peter (2012)
Not another frickin' database! Wall, Michael (2010)
Magnolia grandiFLORA, Explore Mississippi Wallace, Lisa (2015)
Project Magnolia grandiFLORA Wallace, Lisa (2013)
A Specimen-based View of the World: Using the Biological Collections Ontology to Model Biodiversity Collections Walls, Ramona, Guralnick Robert, Deck John, and Matsunaga Andréa , 2014 ICBO Workshop: Starting an OBI-based Biobank Ontology, Houston, TX, USA (2014)
Slide imaging in the Field Museum Ware, Stephanie (2013)
iDigBio Botany 2012 Workshop: Tri-Trophic Digitization Strategies Watson, Kimberly, and Tulig Melissa (2012)
iDigBio Augmenting OCR Workshop: Tri-Trophic Digitization: Putting the OCR in Workflow Watson, Kimberly (2012)
Herbarium Specimen Digitization: Image processing with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Watson, Kim (2013)
The New York Botanical Garden Watson, Kimberly (2014)
NYBG workflows Watson, Kimberly (2015)
iDigBio Public Participation in Digitization of Biodiversity Specimens Workshop: Digitization and Democracy Watson, Bill (2012)
Herbarium Specimen Digitization: using the MK Photo-eBox Watson, Kim (2013)
Herbarium Specimen Imaging: Standards and Suggestions Watson, Kimberly (2014)
Plants, herbivores, and parasitoids: Tri-trophic digitization strategies Watson, Kimberly, Naczi Robert, Tulig Melissa, Schuh Randall, and Seltmann Katja (2013)
Developing a Centralized Digital Archive of Vouchered Animal Communication Signals Webster, Michael (2013)
Developing a Centralized Digital Archive of Vouchered Animal Communication Signals Webster, Michael (2013)
Developing a Centralized Digital Archive of Vouchered Animal Communication Signals Webster, Michael (2013)
Ten years of the Society of Herbarium Curators: past, present and future Weeks, Andrea (2015)
Areas of endemism in the Nearctic: a case study of 1,566 species of Miridae (Insecta: Hemiptera) and their plant hosts Weirauch, Christiane, Schuh Randall T., Seltmann Katja C., Schwarz Michael, Johnson Christine, Feist Mary Ann, and Soltis Pamela S. , Entomological Collections Network 2015 (2015)
Semantics in Support of Biodiversity Knowledge Discovery: An Introduction to the Biological Collections Ontology and Related Ontologies. Wells, Ramona, Deck John, Guralnick Robert, Baskauf Steve, Beaman Reed, Blum Stanley, Bowers Shawn, Buttigieg Pier Luigi, Davies Neil, Endresen Dag, et al. , PLoS ONE, 03/2014, Volume 9, Issue 3 (2014)
Toward an online digital teacing collection of aquatic macroinvertebrates using interactive, gigapixel technology (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Tricoptera) Wenzel, John (2014)
Databasing workflows at the University of Wisconsin herbarium Wetter, Mark (2014)
Nomenclatural benchmarking: the roles of digital typification and telemicroscopy Wheeler, Q., Bourgoin T., Coddington J., Gostony T., Hamilton A., Larimer R., Polaszek A., Schauff M., and Solis M.A. , Zookeys, 2012, Volume 209 (2012)
iDigBio Paleocollections Workshop 2012: activities at the Yale Peabody Museum White, Tim (2012)