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Worldwide Engagement for Digitizing Biocollections 2016: a call to the Flora Malesiana community to participate in the WeDigBio Global Transcription Event!, Ellwood, Elizabeth R., James Shelley A., Kimberly Paul G., Guralnick Robert P., Flemons Paul K. J., Love Kevin J., and Mast Austin R. , Flora Malesiana 10, 07/2016, Edinburgh, UK, (2016)
iDigBio E&O Workshop. WELCOME!, Ellwood, Libby , (2014)
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Citizen science, crowd sourcing, public participation, and BIOSPEX, Ellwood, Libby , (2014)
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Georeferencing Train-the-Trainers Survey Results, Ellis, Shari , (2013)
Summary of iDigBio 2012 Summit, Ellis, Shari , (2013)
2015 iDigBio Annual Evaluation Year 4 Impact Evaluation, Ellis, Shari , (2015)
2015 iDigBio Annual Community Survey Summary of Results, Ellis, Shari , (2015)
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TORCH challenges in interacting with small collections, Elisens, Wayne , (2014)
Lightning Talk:Herbarium Digitization Activities in Oklahoma , Elisens, Wayne , (2014)
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The Attraction of Modern Biological Sciences, Edwards, Scott , (2013)
The Attraction of Modern Biological Science, Edwards, Scott , (2013)
Macroalgae in our lives, Education, Bishop Museum , USA, (2015)
iDigBio Botany 2012 Workshop: An Industrial Engineer’s Perspective on Digitization, Eastwood, Rod , (2012)