GWG notes 16 November 2012

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Meeting Notes 16 November 2012

  • Agenda is from last meeting, covering points we did not discuss at last meeting.
  • Attending: Dave Bloom, Una Farrell, Nelson Rios, Mary Barkworth, Debbie Paul, Reed Beaman
  1. Content development progress, plan, coordination. Keep meeting notes on wiki?
    1. TODO: The current discussion conclusion from today is to keep putting notes here but put a link to them on the Wiki on our Working Group pages. Agreed that notes ought to be of summary type.
  2. regarding working with GBIF on eLearning materials (from Reed Beaman)
    1. iDigBio can offer things like: Sharing videos,
    2. GBIF can be a liasion for iDigBio - example, materials development in multiple languages
  3. Working Group scope Item review - what next?
    1. We need to plan a meeting for core working group members to plan content development.
  4. Survey results. Implications for next Workshop. Discussed briefly.
  5. TODO: Need to discuss the Workshop notes and making them available in sections. Examples
    1. Compile / organize end of each day discussions of considerations for holding a workshop. (Deb worked on this, sent draft to working group).
    2. Compile / organize / make a wiki page -- for all links learned about in the workshop.
    3. Compile / organize each day’s notes into a document
    4. add a link to this document to the Workshop Page for those using this page as a model.
  6. Review next workshop proposal - Give this feedback to the Steering Committee.
  7. If $ for workshop participation -- then participants need certification of some sort. (Certification, or a certificate, is easy for us to include - we could do it retroactively for those in the last workshop too.-db)
  8. Concerns in regard to the proposed changes to funding for participants:
    1. We have a waiting list of 12 individuals who were placed there with the understanding that they would be covered in terms of costs travel and accommodations. Reluctant to change this for them.
    2. If the idea is to encourage projects to include funding in their grant proposals for participation, then that will preclude active TCNs as well as those who will hear about funding over the next 6-8 months from participation.
    3. If full funding is required by participants, we risk the possibility of a very limited enrollment - to make this workshop worth the time and effort (trainers, travel, preparation, etc.) we really should have 15-20 or more people participating.
  9. Scheduling next Train the Trainers Workshop: August or October 2013
    1. Need to check with TDWG - need to do this - do not want to overlap.
    2. Need to check Summit 2013 dates (from Greg -- just pick what we want -- make Steering committee work with it). Greg suggests possibility: if Summit is M, T, make Georef WS - Wed - Sun
  10. Maybe March 2013 for GWG meeting to plan course materials development.
  11. iDigBio Summit Report back to group (done).
  12. Schedule change for GWG calls? Currently, sticking with every other Tuesday, 330 PM EST, next 5 meetings: 11/27 12/11 1/8 1/22 2/5

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