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iDigBio's web conferencing solution services are provided via Adobe Connect:


As a meeting participant, it may be helpful to reference the Adobe Connect Visual Quick Start guide: VQS Participant Guide

Web Conferencing Troubleshooting and Help

Before connecting to a scheduled meeting, you can verify your system configuration here:

Meeting Test

This support page, provided via Adobe Connect, will test the following four items:

  • Supported Flash Player Version
  • Adobe Connect connection Test
  • Connection speed test
  • Adobe Connect Add-In test

Audio Troubleshooting

Most audio issues are due to hardware and settings. It is recommended that you use a headset and microphone when connecting to meetings.

  • For example, if you are not using a headset and you hear an echo, it will likely go away with a headset.

Microphone Rights For Participants

Adobe Connect's default configuration is to enable microphone rights only for hosts and presenters. This is a setting the host must explicitly enable for participants to share audio. Please let the meeting host know via chat if you do not have audio rights enabled.

Please keep your microphone muted when you are not speaking - to avoid echo and extraneous noise.

Adobe Connect Add-In

Adobe Connect requires the installation of the "Adobe Connect Add In" before audio can be transmitted by a participant.

Audio Setup Wizard

Path to Audio Setup Wizard.
Log in to Adobeconnect, note menu bar. From Meeting menu header choose Audio Setup Wizard.

Please use the audio set up wizard to configure your audio devices. If you are currently broadcasting audio, using the wizard will temporarily interrupt your transmission. Common issues the wizard can solve:

  • Selecting the correct microphone (computer's built in microphone vs. headset mic vs. web camera mic)
  • Microphone gain issues, clipping, etc
  • Selecting the correct audio output device (headphones vs. built in speakers)