Text Transcription Issues

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About Standards for Transcribing Text

  • Content here begins with resources put together by Jason Best (thank you Jason) in an email sent to the AOCR wg on 19 December 2012.
  • In our last meeting (18 Dec 2012) we discussed some of the challenges of transcribing text with corrections, alterations, strikeouts, ambiguous letters, etc and I briefly mentioned some transcription projects that have dealt with similar issues. A hackathon participant, Ben Brumfeld, has much more experience in this topic so first I'll point you to some information he has compiled. His blog home page (http://manuscripttranscription.blogspot.com) currently has a transcription of his talk about the variety of formats that various projects are using. A worthwhile read.
  • If we decide to try to transcribe or preserve ambiguous or corrected/struckout characters, then the Text Encoding Initiative format might be a good start, though it would require the use of XML elements in brackets. A more lightweight approach might be to utilize some of the wiki markup formats like: