Specimen Image Capture

According to Nelson et al. 2012 imaging requires significant specimen handling with attendant opportunities for damage. The process for imaging varies by institution and collection type. The links on this page thereby provide information on Specimen image capture.

Image File Types and File Specifications

Imaging Documents and Resources

Imaging Station Equipment and Specifications

3D Imaging and 3D Printing Resources

Camera Manuals & Specifications


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"Introduction to Nikon Camera Control Pro 2" 13:27
This video provides an introduction to Nikon's camera control software. Camera Control Pro allows users to remotely operate a camera just as if it were in your hand.
"Nikon Camera Control Pro - Live View Feature" 05:46
This video provides an introduction to Nikon's camera control software's Live View feature.
"Nikon D3X Camera Setup for Scientific Specimen Imaging" 04:40
This video discusses how to prepare the Nikon D3X for imaging scientific specimens.
"Batch Processing with Nikon Capture NX2" 18:18
Explains how to prepare a batch processing script in Nikon Capture NX2 for processing scientific images of herbarium specimens.