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This page shows the instruction for running Specify with VirtualBox.

1. Install VirtualBox

Follow below link for Virtualbox installation for Mac.

- Virtualbox_install_only

2. Download Specify

Click the link below to download the appliance. The file size is about 2GB, so it would take a while to complete download.

- http://www.acis.ufl.edu/~xetron/Downloads/Specify_v3.0_virtualbox.zip

3. Open appliance

Double click specify.vbox file to run the appliance.

Specify virtualbox v3.0 00.png

4. Decompress the downloaded file

After several minutes, the appliance completes booting up. Then run the Specify.

The username/password is testuser/testuser

File:Specify virtualbox v3.0 02.png

Resizing or scaling screen size

- The screen resolution can be easily adjusted by draging the right-bottom corner.
- If you use retina display, you would want to scale the screen itself. Then select "View" -> "Switch to scaled mode" at the Top menu.