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Paleontology Working GroupPaleontology Working Group ResourcesParticipant Related Projects
Phenology working group
Photo-e-Box BIOPlant Imaging, Harvard University E-Type InitiativePlants, Herbivores, and Parasitoids: A Model System for the Study of Tri-trophic Associations
Pre-digitization Curation and StagingPresentations & ReportsProgress in Digitization
Project Management ResourcesProtocol for Imaging Fossil SpidersPublic Participation in Digitization Working Group
RESTful Documentation by Paul SchroederRecommendations for the Acquisition, Processing, and Archiving of Digital Media
Recorded meeting notesReproducible Science WorkshopResearch
Research Data RepositoriesResources for Collections-Based Undergraduate EducationRoberts Camera
SCNetSPNHC-TDWG2018 Education Share FairSPNHC-TDWG2018 Symposium - Challenges Implementing Collections Data Quality Feedback
SPNHC2017 iDigBio Symposia - Advances in Digitization and Innovative Uses of Collections DataSPNHC2019 Collecting Measures of SuccessSPNHCSIG Digitization Opportunities International Collaboration
SPNHC 2014 DemoCampSPNHC 2015 DemoCampSPNHC 2015 Plenary Session
SPNHC 2016 RecordingsSPNHC 2016 WorkshopSPNHC 2017 Biodiversity Informatics 101
SPNHC 2018 Symposium: Completing the Data Pipeline: Collections Data Use in Research, Education and OutreachSTAR Herbarium Digitization WorkflowSWG Webinar Series
SandboxSciComm 101 WorkshopScientificName
ScioQualisScioTRSiBBr Launching Event
Small CollectionsSmall Collections Symposium SPNHC 2014Small Collections Symposium SPNHC 2015
Small Herbarium Workshop Botany 2014Small Herbarium Workshop FSU
SoRo Field to Digital Object WorkshopSoRo TCN Georeferencing WorkshopSouth-Central California Collection and Data Network
South Australian Museum Terrestrial Invertebrate Type Digitization Macrophotography ProtocolSouth Australian Museum Terrestrial Invertebrate Type Digitization Microphotography ProtocolSouth Australian Museum Volunteer Imaging Protocol for DigiVol
Specify 6 Appliance Download and Installation
Specify ApplianceSpecify Appliance virtualbox paleoSpecify Workshop
Specify for Paleo WorkshopSpecimen Barcode and Labeling GuideSpecimen Barcode and Labeling Survey Results
Specimen Image CaptureSpecimen Image ProcessingSpecimen Map
Specimens Full Circle SPNHC 2015Strategies for Vertebrate Digitization WorkshopSummit 2013
Summit 2014Sustainability Working GroupSymbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN)
Symbiota Working GroupTCN ResourcesTCNs
TDWG 2015 Annual ConferenceTDWG 2015 Pre-Conference Training WorkshopTDWG 2016 Annual Conference
TDWG 2017 Annual ConferenceTORCH IX MeetingTORCH TCN Workshop
TORCH VIII and iDigBio WorkshopTTT1TTT2
TTT2 Course Topics Summary ListTarget File Format
TaxonRankTaxon concept discussionTechnical Issues
Technology GlossaryTerrestrial Parasite Tracker Workshop: Best Practices and Standardization of Digital Data Capture
Text Transcription IssuesThe 24th meeting of the GBIF Governing BoardThe Cretaceous World
The Key to the Cabinets: Building and Sustaining a Research Database for a Global Biodiversity HotspotThe Macroalgal Herbarium Consortium: Accessing 150 Years of Specimen Data to Understand Changes in the Marine/Aquatic Environment
The Macrofungi Collection ConsortiumThe Microfungi Collections Consortium: A Networked Approach to Digitizing Small Fungi with Large Impacts on the Function and Health of EcosystemsThe Mid-Atlantic Megalopolis
The Pteridological Collections Consortium: An integrative Approach to Pteridophyte Diversity Over the Last 420 Million YearsThematic Focus: Collaborative Research - Plants, Herbivores, and Parasitoids: A Model System for the Study of Tri-trophic Associations
Tools for data use and researchTranscription HackathonTranscription Hackathon Draft Agenda
Transcription Hackathon Interoperability PlanningTranscription Hackathon OCR Integration PlanningTranscription Hackathon Reconciliation of Replicates Planning
Transcription Hackathon User Engagement PlanningTri-Trophic Thematic Collection Network Imaging Workflows and Protocols
UK Strategy WorkshopUniversity of Vermont Pringle Herbarium GPI Pre-Digitization Curation Workflow
User Engagement for Public Participation in Digitization Working GroupUser Interface Wish ListUsing Biodiversity Data Best Practices
Using Biodiversity Specimen-Based Data to Study Global ChangeUsing Herbarium Data to Document Plant Niches in the High Peaks and High Plains of the Southern Rockies - Past, Present, and Future
Valdosta State University Herbarium Bryophyte Packet Imaging ProtocolValdosta State University Herbarium Image ProcessingValdosta State University Herbarium Vascular Plant Imaging Protocol
Vert digi interest groupViralMuse Task ForceViral Muse Task Force
VirtualboxVirtualbox Install OnlyVisionary digital
Voice recognitionWeDigBio 2016 Planning MeetingWeb Conferencing
Webinar Series: Adapting to COVID-19: Resources for Natural History Collections in a New Virtual WorldWelcome to iDigBioWet Collections Digitization Workshop
Wiki HomeWireless Network Service
Workflows Herbarium DigitizationWorkshop Planning and Deliverables
Workshop Wiki TemplateYale Digital Data Lodging information