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2013 AOCR Hackathon Wiki2013 Hackathon Logistics2013 Hackathon Participants
2013 hackathon data elements
2017 ePANDDA Hackathon3D Digitization of Fossils for Educators & Citizen Scientists:A collaborative workshop among iDigBio, the FOSSIL Project, and K12 Science Educators3D Scan Modality Subtypes
3rd Annual Digital Data Conference, Yale4th Annual Digital Data Conference, Indiana UniversityADBC Summit 2017
ADBC Summit 2018ADBC Summit 2019ADBC Summit 2020
ASB Digitization Workshop
ASM 2015ASM 2019 Broadening Participation in MammalogyAccess to Digitization Tools and Methods
American Crossroads: Digitizing the Vascular Flora of the South-Central United States
An Outsider’s view inside NSF E&O Trends and Tips iDigBio NSF E&O WebinaArthropod Easy Capture Virtual Appliance
Augmented Reality Public Outreach Working GroupAugmenting OCR
Augmenting OCR LogisticsAugmenting OCR Working Group ResourcesAuthentication FAQ
Authority File Working Group ResourcesBasisOfRecordBerkeley Digital Data Lodging
Best Practices for Integrating Collections into EducationBiodiversity 2020Biodiversity Data Mobilization TDWG 2015
Biodiversity Informatics ManagementBiodiversity Summit 2020 Washington DCBiology Glossary
Bloomington Lodging InformationBook and Document Digitization Workflow - ApertureBotany 2012
Broadening Diversity: Careers and Graduate Study in the Biological SciencesBroadening Participation in the Biological Sciences: Arizona
Broadening Participation in the Biological Sciences: Los AngelesBuilding Collections-Based Curricula for the High School ClassroomBuilding a global consortium of bryophytes and lichens: keystones of cryptobiotic communities
CSIRO WorkshopCT Short CourseCYWG iDigBio DwC-A Pull Ingestion
CYWG iDigBio Image Ingestion Appliance Use CasesCYWG iDigBio v3 Preview
Capturing California's Flowers: Using Digital Images to Investigate Phenological Change in a Biodiversity HotspotCitizen Science/Crowdsourcing Best Practices for DigitizationCitizen Science/Crowdsourcing Online Descriptions
Citizen Science/Crowdsourcing Tools for DigitizationCitizen Science/classCitizen Science Organizations and Online Lists of Citizen Science Projects
Citstitch HackathonCoding Phenological Data from Herbarium SheetsCollectionObject Bag of Terms
Collection Imaging Techniques at the Florida Museum of Natural HistoryCollections Digitization WorkflowsCollections Digitization Workflows and Protocols
Collections for the 21 Century Field TripsCollections for the 21st CenturyConference Facilities
Consortium of Pacific HerbariaConsortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria Imaging Workflows
Content Style Guide and WorkflowCreating A PALEONICHES
Custom Digital Capture and Illumination Box Bundle by Roberts CameraCyberinfrastructure Working GroupData Carpentry
Data Help Desk Collaborative NetworkData Ingestion GuidanceData Ingestion Report
Data Literacy Resources for Undergraduate StudentsData Management Interest GroupData Modeling Workshop
Data ProblemsData Sharing Data Standards and Demystifying the IPTData Without Borders ICE 2016
Databasing ReferencesDataset ErrataDataset Invitations
Developing Robust Object to Image to Data (DROID1)Developing Robust Object to Image to Data (DROID2)Developing Robust Object to Image to Data (DROID3)
Developing Robust Object to Image to Data (DROID4)Developing a Centralized Digital Archive of Vouchered Animal Communication SignalsDeveloping an Ontology for Insect Natural History Data
Digital Data in Biodiversity Research Conference, BerkeleyDigital Data in Paleontological ResearchDigital Future of Entomology at Eastern Branch EntSoc 2019
Digital Photography 101: Managing Cameras, Lighting, and Workstations for Specimen Imaging
Digitization Projects Using OCR / ML / NLPDigitization Resources
Digitization Template 1Digitization Template 2Digitization Template 3
Digitization Template 4Digitization Template 5Digitization Template 6
Digitization Workflows and Protocols
Digitized natural history collections symposium Botany 2014
Digitizing-From-Source-MaterialsDigitizing "Endless Forms": Facilitating Research on Imperiled Plants with Extreme MorphologiesDigitizing Fluid-preserved Vertebrate Specimens
Digitizing and Imaging Collections: New Methods, Ideas, and UsesDigitizing and Mobilizing Research Station Collections Data at OBFS 2018Digitizing collections to trace parasite-host associations and predict the spread of vector-borne disease
Digitizing the 2nd largest Invertebrate Phylum: MollusksDocumenting Fossil Marine Invertebrate Communities of the Eastern Pacific - Faunal Responses to Environmental Change over the last 66 million years
Documenting Marine Biodiversity through Digitization of Invertebrate Collections (DigIn)Documenting the Occurrence through Space and Time of Aquatic Non-indigenous Fish, Mollusks, Algae, and Plants Threatening North America's Great LakesDrawer Imaging Group
Dried Insect Digitization WorkshopE&O Working GroupECN 2014
ECN 2015ECN 2016ECN 2017
ECN 2018ECN 2019EMu SIG workshop
EO Meeting Notes
ESA 2018 Data Help DeskESA 2019 Biodiversity Data DialoguesESA 2019 Data Help Desk
ESA 2020 Data Help DeskEcological Niche Modeling: A Crash Course at Botany 2015 WikiEducation and Outreach Workshop
Educational & Outreach ResourcesElectronic Data CaptureEnhancing Access to Taxonomic and Biogeographical Data to Stem the Tide of Extinction of the Highly Imperiled Pacific Island Land Snails
Enhancing Ecological Research with iDigBio Specimen Data ESA 2015EntSoc 2018 Data Help Desk
Entomology Society of America (ESA) 2017Example of transformations on InvertNet image metadata dataset
Example of trivial transformations on INHS fish datasetFOSSIL Kickoff Meeting
Field-to-collections Bioblitz at ESA 2017Field Books in BiospexField Museum of Natural History Moreau Lab Imaging Manual
Field Station Interest GroupField to DatabaseFinding Field Station Data Workshop
Five iConference2013 TalksFixed Dataset ErrataFlorida State Herbarium Imaging Protocol
Fluid-preserved Specimen Imaging WorkshopFluid Preserved ArthropdsFluid Preserved Invertebrate Imaging
Fossil Insect Collaborative: A Deep-Time Approach to Studying Diversification and Response to Environmental ChangeFossil Specimens 0's and 1's
GWG Meeting NotesGWG Second Train the Trainers WorkshopGWG Train the Trainers Workshop
GWG Trainer's Workshop Summary and LogisticsGWG notes 10 January 2014GWG notes 11 December 2012
GWG notes 11 February 2014GWG notes 11 June 2013GWG notes 11 September 2012
GWG notes 14 July 2015GWG notes 14 October 2014GWG notes 16 April 2013
GWG notes 16 November 2012GWG notes 16 October 2012GWG notes 17 July 2012
GWG notes 19 February 2013GWG notes 19 June 2012GWG notes 22 January 2013
GWG notes 23 July 2013GWG notes 25 June 2013GWG notes 27 November 2012
GWG notes 28 August 2012GWG notes 2 April 2013GWG notes 30 October 2012
GWG notes 31 July 2012GWG notes 3 July 2012GWG notes 3 September 2013
GWG notes 4 June 2012GWG notes 5 February 2013GWG notes 5 March 2013
GWG notes 8 April 2014GWG notes 8 January 2013GWG notes 8 May 2012
GWG notes 8 September 2015GWG notes 9 December 2014GWG notes 9 September 2014
GWG notes December 2015GeoreferencingGeoreferencing Natural History Collections Botany2014
Georeferencing Working GroupGeoreferencing Working Group ResourcesGeoreferencing for Paleo Workshop
Georeferencing for Research UseGeoreferencing locality descriptionsGetting Started
Global Plants Initiative Partner HandbookGlobally Unique IDs (GUID)
Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Vendors and ManufacturersHackathon Challenge
Hackathon FAQHebarium Digitization WorkshopICER and Conservation at ADBC Summit VII
IConference 2013 iDigBio AOCR WG WikiIDigBio API
IDigBio API HackathonIDigBio API History
IDigBio API PerformanceIDigBio API SoftwareIDigBio API v0 Specification
IDigBio API v1 ExamplesIDigBio API v1 Specification
IDigBio Augmenting OCR WorkshopIDigBio Community Code of ConductIDigBio Displays
IDigBio Download APIIDigBio External Advisory BoardIDigBio Listservs
IDigBio LogoIDigBio Media ApplianceIDigBio Natural History Collections Summer Internship Program
IDigBio Public Participation in Digitization WorkshopIDigBio Retreat 2015IDigBio Retreat 2016
IDigBio Retreat 2017IDigBio Retreat 2018
IDigBio Scripps Institution of Oceanography Digitization MeetingIDigBio Summit 2011
IDigBio Summit 2012IDigBio Summit 2015
IDigBio Summit 2016
IDigBio Vertebrate Digitization Workshop TwoIDigBio Virtual Appliances
IDigBio Working GroupsIDigBio WorkshopsISchools2013
IT Standards WorkshopIT Standards Workshop Lightning Talks
Image Selection and Processing ProtocolsImaging ReferencesInaugural Digital Data in Biodiversity Research Conference
Inaugural Digital Data in Biodiversity Research Conference AgendaIncorporating K-12 Outreach Into Digitized Collections Programs Workshop
Input CSV FormatInsect Imaging, Harvard University E-Type InitiativeInstitutionCode
Integrating Collections and Ecological ResearchIntegrating Institutional Archives with Disciplinary Web Repositories
Internal Advisory CommitteeInternational Conversation Mobilizing Data for Research SPNHC 2016
International Digitization Summit
Interoperability for Public Participation in Digitization Working GroupInvertEBase: Reaching Back to See the Future: Species-rich Invertebrate Faunas Document Causes and Consequences of Biodiversity ShiftsInvertNet: An Integrative Platform for Research on Environmental Change, Species Discovery and Identification
Iowa Academy of Science 2016 MeetingIsland Biology 2016: mobilizing natural history collections data for research useKingdom
Known OCR, ML, NLP IssuesLepidoptera of North America NetworkLeveraging Digitization
Leveraging the Power of Biodiversity Specimen Data for Ecological Research at ESA 2016Lichen and Bryophyte Data and Image Capture WorkflowLogistics for the Second Train the Trainers Georeferencing Workshop
MISC-Authority-File-Working-GroupMac unidentified developer troubleshooting
Machine learningManaging Natural History Collections Data for Global Discoverability
Marine Invertebrate Digitization Workshop 2019Media Bag of Terms
Media IngestorMedia Types
Mobilizing Millions of Marine Mollusks of the Eastern SeaboardMobilizing New England Vascular Plant Specimen DataMore on digitization
MorphoSourceMorphoSource DemoCampMorphoSource oVert Demo
NANSH Working GroupNAPC Symposium Celebrating Public Participation in PaleontologyNC Teacher Workshop 2018
North American Lichens and Bryophytes - Sensitive Indicators of Environmental Quality and ChangeOBFS Field Station DigitizationOBFS Field Station Digitization 2016
OCR / NLP WorkflowsOCR ResourcesOCR SaaS
OCR TipsOVert: Open Exploration of Vertebrate Diversity in 3DObject To Image To Data Workshop
OccurrenceIDOrdering iDigBio shirtsPacificDigitization
Paleo Digitization Working GroupPaleo Digitization WorkshopPaleo Imaging Workshop