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Last First Office Mobile Email Primary iDigBio Role & Responsibilities
Bester Cathy <a href="tel:+13522941949">352-294-1949</a> <a href="tel:+13522145043">352-214-5043</a> <a href=""></a>

Project Assistant
1. In consultation with project administrators, organize workshops and working groups to accomplish goals of iDigBio/Assist with logistics of workshops including travel reservations (flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.), meeting spaces, catering, and various social functions
2. Work closely with FLMNH staff on travel forms, contracts, vendor payment, and reimbursement processing.
3. Maintain efficient day-to-day office operations including procurement of office supplies and running errands.
4. Provide data to project management for NSF reporting purposes.
5. Assist with outreach efforts including local events and updates of the iDigBio Facebook page.

Bruhn Robert <a href="tel:+18503399301">850-339-9301</a>   <a href=""></a>

IT Expert
1. Developing the Public Participation Manager system whereby digitization projects can be gathered, coordinated, sent to various tools (i.e. Notes From Nature), and tracked.

Collins Matt <a href="tel:+13523925414">352-392-5414</a> <a href="tel:+13522754027">352-275-4027</a> <a href=""></a>

IT Expert
1. Management and operations a. Purchasing/inventory b. Hardware maintenance c. Host configuration and management system

Dunckel Betty <a href="tel:+13522732088">352-273-2088</a> <a href="tel:+13523595593">352-359-5593</a> <a href=""></a>

Center for Science Learning
1. E&O – Assist with development of goals, priorities, and activities. Assist with development and implementation of E&O workshops.
2. Facilitate specific E&O activities such as Explore Research videos and iDigBio participation in Florida Museum public events.
3. Evaluation – Assist in efforts as needed.
4. Steering Committee – As a committee member, provide information and feedback as requested.

Ellis Shari <a href="tel:+13522732066">352-273-2066</a> <a href="tel:+13522628347">352-262-8347</a> <a href=""></a>

Project Evaluator
1. Prepare annual evaluation of the project for the annual report to NSF based on the evaluation plan developed in concert with the management team and PIs; includes compilation of program statistics and summary of findings from surveys and interviews within iDigBio and the broader digitization community informed by knowledge and insights gained as a participant observing in Steering and IAC meetings, annual Summit, and working group and other meetings as needed.
2. Advise iDigBio personnel on development of evaluation instruments and methods, sample selection, Institutional Review Board issues, etc. according to best practices and professional ethics.
3. Assist working groups and other iDigBio affiliates on evaluation of workshops and other activities by developing instruments/procedures, preparing Institutional Review Board materials, distributing surveys, conducting interviews, analyzing data, and preparing reports; includes pre-, during, and post-event assessments.
4. Collaborate with iDigBio personnel and affiliates on affiliates on research related to collections digitization broadly defined by developing instruments/procedures, preparing Institutional Review Board materials, distributing surveys, conducting interviews, analyzing data, and preparing reports, and assisting with writing.
5. Function as a member of the iDigBio community by keeping apprised of project developments and activities via the website, newsletter, Facebook, and by participating in iDigBio team-building activities such as retreats.

Ellwood Libby   <a href="tel:+16314288118">631-428-8118</a> <a href=""></a>

Postdoctoral Associate (Mast)
1. Participate in (and in some cases lead) iDigBio workshops, hackathons, symposia, working groups, etc., related to public participation in the digitization of biodiversity research specimens. As applicable, participate in iDigBio events on topics that are complementary to public participation (e.g., education and outreach). Also work directly with members of iDigBio, TCNs, programmers, database managers, etc., outside of these events to advance public engagement of digitization.
2. Represent iDigBio at conferences, presenting on iDigBio’s advancements in public participation in digitization.
3. Produce best practice and standards documents for public participation in digitization with the community where those do not exist.
4. Assist in the design of interoperability among the iDigBio cyberinfrastructure, specimen databases, public participation tools, and public participation content management systems. A key feature of this interoperability is an iDigBio Public Participation Management System.
5. Study public participation in digitization and use this knowledge to engage the public more effectively and efficiently. Seek new opportunities for engagement of a diversity of populations as well as new and improved forms of engagement.

Figueiredo Renato <a href="tel:+13523926430">352-392-6430</a> <a href="tel:+13528717344">352-871-7344</a> <a href=""></a>

Appliance Development
1. Lead requirements gathering, design and implementation of virtual appliances
2. Technical contributions to specification and design of iDigBio cloud software/systems
3. Supervision of graduate students
4. Participation in steering committee, working group, and executive committee (proxy)
5. Facilitating IT meetings, and IT staff hiring, as needed

Flemming Adania <a href="tel:+13522733698">352-273-3698</a> or <a href="tel:+13522731951">352-273-1951</a> <a href="tel:+18135077015">813-507-7015</a> <a href=""></a>

Office Assistant

Fortes José <a href="tel:+13523929265">352-392-9265</a> <a href="tel:+13526826326">352-682-6326</a> <a href=""></a>

PI - Cyberinfrastructure
1. Role: Co-PI Responsibility: To work with the PI and other co-PIs on major deliberations and actions regarding a. overall project direction and management, b. project-wide problems, c. hiring and assessment of personnel, and other iDigBio team building activities, d. representation and dissemination of iDigBio activities to external constituencies, e. contractual expectations of the major stakeholders of iDigBio, f. identification of requirements and expectations based on stated goals for the project (including the enabling of advanced research using biocollections data), g. identification and obtainment of additional funding sources, resources, collaborations and partnerships in support of the iDigBio mission, and h. opportunities for long-term sustainability of iDigBio.
2. Role: Supervision of design, development and operation of IT iDigBio cyberinfrastructure Responsibility: To direct and coordinate activities regarding a. The design, development, deployment and operation of hardware infrastructure needed by iDigBio b. The design, development, deployment and operation of software infrastructure needed by iDigBio c. The creation and management of a skilled IT team and the best practices needed for meeting a. and b. d. Co-PI responsibilities in the context of iDigBio IT (a. thru f. under role 1.)

Germain-Aubrey Charlotte <a href="tel:+13522731977">352-273-1977</a> <a href="tel:+13525620203">352-562-0203</a> <a href=""></a>

Postdoctoral Associate (Soltis)
1. Gather research applications for the iDigBio data through collaborations with the research community
2. Facilitate the implementation of research applications through the availability of tools to format and manipulate data
3. Develop analytical workflows to enable new biodiversity research
4. Develop and teach of the University of Florida (online and in person) new course “Biodiversity and Digitized Data” (BOT 6935/ZOO 6927)
5. Outreach through teaching and broader community activities (including K-12 outreach program)
6. Represent iDigBio at conferences and workshops

Gonzalez Lauren     <a href=""></a>

Graduate Student (Soltis)

Grant Claudia <a href="http://tel:+13522731913">352-273-1913</a>   <a href=""></a> Graduate Student (MacFadden)
Imminni Shiva     <a href=""></a> Graduate Student (Riccardi)
Jennings David <a href="tel:+13522731906">352-273-1906</a> <a href="tel:+13528707562">352-870-7562</a> <a href=""></a>

Project Manager
1. Preparation, review and distribution of project documentation, including definition of project scope, project roadmaps, NSF reporting, and internal reporting; includes enabling communication/storage mechanisms for both internal archival and public engagement.
2. Coordination of activities across disparate project teams.
3. Planning meeting agendas and leading meetings for high-level collaborations including Steering Committee, Executive Committee, Internal Advisory Committee, and the External Advisory Board.
4. Tracking of project progress and budget expenditures, and execution of activity planning and sequencing.
5. Decision-making regarding ongoing project activities, resolution of daily items that do not need to be escalated to the Executive or Steering Committee, outreach to partner institutions, and responses to inquiries from interested parties and potential future collaborators.

Jeong Kyuho <a href="tel:+13523928705">352-392-8705</a> <a href="tel:+13522228737">352-222-8737</a> <a href=""></a>

Graduate Student (Figueiredo)

Love Kevin <a href="tel:+13522941924">352-294-1924</a> <a href="tel:+13523285538">352-328-5538</a> <a href=""></a>

IT Expert
1. Administer and support iDigBio Content Management System and public website.
2. Administer and support iDigBio Web Conferencing Software and telecommunication services.
3. Provide onsite technical support and staff for meetings, workshops, and symposia.
4. Serve as a liaison between iDigBio staff and other IT organizations.

MacFadden Bruce <a href="tel:+13522731937">352-273-1937</a> <a href="tel:+13522623072">352-262-3072</a> <a href=""></a>

PI - Education & Outreach
1. Overall lead and higher level (strategic) coordination of E&O and Broader Impact activities. Promote and encourage iDigBio project team members and ADBC stakeholders in E&O and BI. Understand what others are doing in E&O (e.g., Gil and workshops). Develop and mentor the next generation of stakeholders. Advocate for resources that promote E&O opportunities.
2. Representing and promoting iDigBio E&O and BI (Broader Impacts) to external stakeholders and/or other entities.
3. New niche, unanticipated during initial stages of iDigBio development. Content and discipline-specific person for the paleontology perspective and needs of iDigBio.
4. PI/PD of FOSSIL and strategic lead on the Fossil in the Cloud projects, which overlap and both indirectly and indirectly promote the outcomes and goals of iDigBio E&O.

Marchant Blaine <a href="tel:+13522731961">352-273-1961</a>   <a href=""></a>

Graduate Student (Soltis)

Mardis Marcia <a href="tel:+18506443392">850-644-3392</a> <a href="tel:+17344767171">734-476-7171</a> <a href=""></a>

Research & Evaluation
1. Participating in the E&O, esp. to the K-12 community;
2. Pitching in on the evaluation wherever I am needed.

Mast Austin <a href="tel:+18506451500">850-645-1500</a> <a href="tel:+18502642621">850-264-2621</a> <a href=""></a>

Public Participation
1. Lead iDigBio efforts to develop the biodiversity research community's capacity to engage the public in digitization of biodiversity research specimens. This includes leadership of iDigBio's Public Participation in Digitization Working Group and mentoring of the iDigBio postdoc focused on this subject, Libby Ellwood.
2. Organize (often collaboratively) iDigBio events (e.g., workshops, symposia, hackathons) to advance the community's activities in the areas of my expertise, including public participation in digitization, plant specimen digitization, biodiversity research, and education and outreach.
3. Co-lead (with Greg Riccardi) the development of an iDigBio Public Participation Management System to open new public engagement opportunities to the community.
4. Communicate iDigBio activities/successes to the broader community through participation in professional conferences, professional organizations, research communities, etc.
5. Participate in the Steering Committee and relevant subcommittees, such as Education and Outreach.

Mathis Jason <a href="tel:+13522732070">352-273-2070</a>   <a href=""></a>

Explore Research

Create and edit videos based on iDigBio materials for presentation to broad and diverse audiences.
Matsunaga Andréa <a href="tel:+13528462466">352-846-2466</a>   <a href=""></a>

Research Scientist
Research scientist on cyberinfrastructure for biodiversity applications, with the following roles:
1. technical advisement and technical management assistance to the lead IT co-PI (J. Fortes)
2. research towards future advanced IT capabilities, architectures and tools for biodiversity research activities
3. supervision of graduate and undergraduate students working on iDigBio-relevant IT issues
4. multiple internal and external iDigBio working group/committee memberships
And responsibilities that include:
1. staying abreast and knowledgeable of IT systems, tools, algorithms, architectures, and technologies being developed or used for biodiversity purposes (particularly biocollections) in order to advise and inform lead IT PI J. Fortes
2. share with iDigBio developers of cyberinfrastructure and biocollection informatics, relevant developments by other cyberinfrastructures/informatics systems to keep iDigBio current and competitive, and find integration opportunities by evaluating potentially suitable technologies (e.g., distributed storage, distributed computing, virtualization, and indexing used by others)
3. devise potential future solutions and possibly prototype them taking advantage of knowledge gathered as part of other responsibilities (including supervision of students)
4. understand current practices, issues, problems and opportunities in the iDigBio cyberinfrastructure already deployed or under deployment in order to propose improvements (e.g., data mobilization)

McCaffrey Joanna <a href="tel:+13522941948">352-294-1948</a> <a href="tel:+13129336736">312-933-6736</a> <a href=""></a>

Biodiversity Informatics Manager
1. DATA: First point of contact for TCN, RDCN questions, finding out about readiness for data ingestion, actively seeking datasets that are ready: e.g., Calbug, Yale Peabody EMu, Magnolia grandiFLORA, PNW Consortium Herbaria, and make other data readiness contacts, and prepare data for ingestion (e.g., Archbold).
2. TCN Collaboration: Co-lead IAC bi-monthly meeting with David: lead the discussion with TCN after the reporting. Working to develop esprit de corps among collaborators. see:
3. Author documents: Participate in, create material for workshops (topics: herbarium photography, choosing collections management database software, cleaning/preparing data); write various official documents: GUID Guide, Terms of Use, imaging glossary, data ingestion guide.
4. Assist others: Manage some of Gil's mailing lists: create list, manage list bounce-backs, append to lists; answer ad-hoc data requests from staff: e.g., TCN maps, stats of workshop participants for annual report.
5. Manage web presence for improvements (collecting user input, staff/content creator input, helping to set content provider standards), content creation/editing.

McLaughlin Cheryl     <a href=""></a>

Postdoctoral Associate (MacFadden)

Conducting learning research on iDigBio E&O and working with Gil on Broadening Representation
Michonneau François <a href="tel:+13522731977">352-273-1977</a>   <a href=""></a>

Postdoctoral Associate (Page)

Nelson Gil <a href="tel:+18506446366">850-644-6366</a> <a href="tel:+18507662649">850-766-2649</a> <a href=""></a>

Digitization Process Specialist
1. Coordinate iDigBio’s response to broadening diversity in the biological and paleobiological sciences, including planning and coordinating student-oriented workshops, coordinating the broadening diversity planning team, and managing an NSF grant in support of broadening diversity workshops.
2. Design and coordinate digitization workshops across all disciplines and throughout the United States, to include performing community assessments for the content of these workshops, establishing and coordinating workshop planning teams and creating workshop agendas, announcing and advertising workshop details and content, and selecting and inviting attendees.
3. Produce and present talks and symposia at meetings of various regional and national organizations, e.g. SPNHC, ASB, the iDigBio Summit, and GSA.
4. Coordinate iDigBio-sponsored working, interest, and planning groups, to include the DROID workflow working groups, International Whole-drawer Digitization Interest Group, Fluid-preserved Arthropod Imaging Working Group, Paleontology Digitization Working Group, North American Network of Small Herbaria (NANSH) Working Group, and the Small Collections Network (SCNet), and to create sustainable infrastructure to sustain these groups into the future.
5. Serve on the iDigBio Steering Committee.

Page Larry <a href="tel:+13522731952">352-273-1952</a> <a href="tel:+13522561889">352-256-1889</a> <a href=""></a>

Project Director & Lead PI
1. Director of iDigBio. Overall project management and oversight.
2. Responsible for ensuring that the project delivers value to all downstream users in a reasonable amount of time.
3. Responsible for engagement of all U.S. institutions with natural history collections.
4. Responsible for ensuring that iDigBio develops and adopts a viable sustainability plan in relation to NIBA.

Paul Deb <a href="tel:+18506446366">850-644-6366</a> <a href="tel:+18505107809">850-510-7809</a> <a href=""></a>

Informatics Analyst
1. Role: Ambassador, Liaison. Responsibility: Present the work of iDigBio and the goals of the ADBC program in order to facilitate and coordinate collaboration and encourage engagement centered around digitization, nationally and internationally. Activities include: contributing website content (blogs, twitter, wiki resources), conception and coordination of workshops, working group coordination and participation, writing for publication, conference/symposia development / participation and presentations, a. Nurturing ideas, contacts, requests that support digitization resulting from participation in the above activities. For example, responding to community requests to: facilitate collaboration via Adobe Connect, or present at a conference to encourage standards best practices for digitization and the relevant work of TDWG.
2. Role: Coordinator. Responsibilities: Via iDigBio working groups, facilitate communication two-way with iDigBio staff and working groups to achieve working group stakeholder goals and objectives in scope for iDigBio, nationally and internationally. This includes workshop conception, community needs assessment / clarification (with NSF Evaluator guidance) for development, coordination and implementation of workshops. Currently co-chair for Augmenting Optical Character Recognition (aOCR) and Georeferencing Working Groups (GWG) and participant in the Biodiversity Informatics Manager Working Group, DROID Workflows, E & O, and Public Participation in Digitization working groups.
3. Role: Member of Internal Advisory Committee (IAC), Core Member (from FSU) to coordinate with UF iDigBio staff weekly, participant in weekly ACIS IT meetings, and COLLABIT member (fostering collaboration and sustainability across NSF projects through joint initiatives).
4. Other duties include: testing website software (user-interface) as needed / requested, some wiki pages development for working groups, sharing expertise learned from Morphbank experience, and providing some assistance to data providers with the mapping their data for ingestion into iDigBio.

Phillips Molly <a href="tel:+13522731530">352-273-1530</a> <a href="tel:+13526722664">352-672-2664</a> <a href=""></a>

Information Specialist
1. Supports the initial contact and collaboration with natural history museums to enable transfer of their digitized specimen-based data and media into the iDigBio repository.
2. Assists with the maintenance and organization of iDigBio’s website, wiki, and other web presence.
3. Write content for iDigBio’s web presence on topics such as: workshop summaries, new specimens added to iDigBio’s repository, outreach, and education.
4. Attend iDigBio events to network and promote iDigBio’s mission and provide assistance to project leadership, management, and working groups with event organization and logistics.
5. Assist with IT aspects of iDigBio’s conferences and workshops, including audio/visual setup and enabling remote participation via Adobe Connect.

Riccardi Greg <a href="tel:+18506442869">850-644-2869</a> <a href="tel:+18509333011">850-933-3011</a> <a href=""></a>

PI - Digitization
1. Manage FSU subproject: staffing, supervising staff, budgets and reporting
2. Participate with Deb and Gil in planning workshops and managing working groups
3. Direct development of cyberinfrastructure for public participation
4. Represent iDigBio in national and international collaborations
5. Participate in data modeling, software development, and steering committee

Singer Randal <a href="http://tel:+13522733698">352-273-3698</a> <a href="http://tel:+13522091024">352-209-1024</a> <a href=""></a> Graduate Student (Page)
Soltis Pam <a href="tel:+13522731964">352-273-1964</a> <a href="tel:+13523590558">352-359-0558</a> <a href=""></a>

PI - Research
1. Director for Research Activities.
2. Liaison to the scientific community and coordination of scientific research activities and needs.
3. Developing workflows to stimulate and facilitate research based on biodiversity collections data.

Spinks Jeremy   <a href="tel:+18502286071">850-228-6071</a> <a href=""></a>

Web Designer
1. Provide design and usability consultation on any web platform created by iDigBio
2. Provide design and programming for the main iDigBio redesign (accomplished)
3. Provide additional graphic design services as needed for posters and other communications

Stoner Dan <a href="tel:+13523923947">352-392-3947</a> <a href="tel:+13522628232">352-262-8232</a> <a href=""></a>

IT Expert
1. Code development and design a. Data ingestion/export software and technical workflow Data quality analysis and feedback mechanisms Data API and middleware
2. Management and operations a. Overall design of system architecture b. Storage backend software installation and management (Riak, Ceph)

Thompson Alex <a href="tel:+13523923947">352-392-3947</a> <a href="tel:+13522261269">352-226-1269</a> <a href=""></a>

IT Expert
1. Code development and design a. Data API and middleware b. Search and indexing
2. Management and operations a. Overall design of system architecture b. Storage backend software installation and management (Riak, Ceph) Cloud software installation and management (OpenStack)

Traub Greg <a href="tel:+13523923947">352-392-3947</a>   <a href=""></a>

IT Expert
1. Code development and design a. Portal server and client b. User authentication server and client c. Code documentation
2. Management and operations a. Auth system user management b. API end-user documentation c. light administrative duties including service restarts, debugging, code release and management and development systems management.



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