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|[https://www.idigbio.org/wiki/index.php/SPNHC_2015_DemoCamp#SPNHC_DemoCamp_Schedule SPNHC 2015 DemoCamp Agenda]  
|[https://www.idigbio.org/wiki/index.php/SPNHC_2015_DemoCamp#SPNHC_DemoCamp_Schedule SPNHC 2015 DemoCamp Agenda]  
|[SPNHC 2015 DemoCamp Biblio Entries]
||[https://www.idigbio.org/biblio?f%5bkeyword%5d=478 Strategies for Vertebrate Digitization Biblio Entries]
|[SPNHC 2015 DemoCamp Report]
|[SPNHC 2015 DemoCamp Report]

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Advancing Collections Care
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Quick Links for SPNHC 2015 DemoCamp Workshop
SPNHC 2015 DemoCamp Agenda
Strategies for Vertebrate Digitization Biblio Entries
[SPNHC 2015 DemoCamp Report]

This wiki supports DemoCamp at SPNHC 2015. The SPNHC 2015 DemoCamp is sponsored by iDigBio and organized by Rusty Russell.

DemoCamp provides a venue for promotion of technological solutions to advance the field of museum curation and specimen digitization, with broad applications for biology, ecology, and biodiversity informatics. Live demonstrations are welcomed in any technologies relevant to biologists, collections managers, or biodiversity information managers, as well as technologies that enable the broader use of data, or enable citizen scientist participation. Technologies demonstrated at past sessions have included collections/ transaction management software, georeferencing applications, robotic imaging equipment, automated label digitization tools, and programs for analysis of data/ images. DemoCamp presentations feature the latest developments in currently available products/ software/ applications/ tools as well as ongoing research projects and prototypes. DemoCamp sessions also provide a venue for idea exchange and feedback from potential users. --No powerpoints allowed!

SPNHC 2015 Conference website

SPNHC DemoCamp Report 2015

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SPNHC DemoCamp Schedule

1:30 PM Lifemapper’s Species Distribution Modeling Based on Idigbio Biocollections Aimee Stewart et al.

1:50 PM Smithsonian Transcription Center - Discovering Smithsonian Collections through Volunteer Transcription Sylvia S. Orli, Patricia Gentili-Poole and Jessica Bird

2:10 PM Global Registry of Biodiversity Repositories: Function and Application Adele E. Crane and David E. Schindel

2:30 PM ARCTOS: A Collaborative Web-Based Collections Database and Management System Mariel L. Campbell et al.

2:50 PM Rapid Collection Inventories Jason Best and Tiana Rehmann

3:30 PM The New Virtual Silurian Reef: How Building a Website with the Museum’s Database can Streamline Web Development Marc Lambruschi et al.

3:50 PM Specify for the Web, A New Generation Specify for Biological Collections Digitization and Collaborative Databases James H. Beach and Ben Anhalt

4:10 PM Taking Collection Data Places Where It Has Never Gone Before - Specify Insight for the iPad Rod Spears and James H. Beach

4:30 PM A Scientific Workflow Tool for Targeted Data Quality Improvement of Natural Science Collection Data Paul J. Morris et al.

4:50 PM YESWORKFLOW: How to Render a Data Curation Script as a Workflow in Under 10 Minutes Bertram Ludäscher et al.

DemoCamp Recordings