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The Citizen Science/Crowdsourcing Working Group became the Public Participation in Digitization Working Group in June 2012. It was established at the Integrated Digitized Biocollections (iDigBio) Summit (November 29–December 2, 2011). The working group was formed to identify specific opportunities to engage the public in digitization, as well as explore strategic partnerships between iDigBio and crowdsourcing service providers and methods to centralize/simplify crowdsourcing, crowdsourcing validation, and advertisement of crowdsourcing needs and other digitization opportunities to the general public. This is a public page used by the working group as it produces its deliverables for the community. To express an interest in joining the working group, please contact Austin Mast.


Below is a current list of goals and deliverables with links to pages for each, when they exist.

  1. Identify steps in the digitization process that could benefit from public participation. Deliverable: BioScience paper (submitted).
  2. Identify existing tools that could be used to engage the public in these steps of the digitization process. Deliverable: Public list on iDigBio Wiki.
  3. Identify existing descriptions of best practices in public engagement in science. Deliverable: Public list on iDigBio Wiki.
  4. Identify existing projects that are using members of the public effectively in digitization. Deliverable: Public list on iDigBio Wiki.
  5. Identify online resources that explain Citizen Science, Crowdsourcing, and other topics relevant to public engagement in digitization. Deliverable: Public list on iDigBio Wiki.
  6. Identify gaps in existing digitization tools for public engagement. Deliverable: Post on blog.
  7. Identify suite of individuals who can help advance working group’s goals for a Public Participation in Digitization workshop. Plan workshop. Hold workshop. Deliverable: 2012 iDigBio Workshop.
  8. Establish plan for ongoing activities. Deliverable: Private schedule.
  9. Establish expertise within iDigBio to assist projects in effective engagement of the public in digitization. Deliverable: Public Participation Postdoctoral Scholar (Dr. Libby Ellwood).