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This page provides resources and information for the series of project management webinars being conducted by iDigBio as well as other project management information and resources. Included is a growing list of links to documents, websites, videos, presentations, and other important information related to project management.

iDigBio Project Management Presentations

Date Workshop Name Brief Summary Links
10/16/2014 Project Management Webinar Effective project management requires a balance of technical skills (the "science") with people skills (the "art"). Technical skills include areas such as planning, estimating, measuring, and controlling. In contrast, people skills include areas such as leading, enabling, motivating, and communicating. Successful project managers are flexible in applying their knowledge and skills in both areas in the correct combination and proportion to keep projects moving forward. This session will provide an overview of the technical and artistic aspects of project management, including some strategies and tactics for adapting to situations and driving things forward.

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Project Management Resources