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Recognition Server

ABBYY Effective Practices & Hints.

- what works best

EH: start with fewer languages selected since each language adds to the time taken (potential to sort specimens geographically prior to OCR). We are currently processing our specimens from SW Asia and the Middle East with a large number from Turkey so we currently run ABBYY with Turkish and English selected.
EH: we select high quality rather than speed
PL: OCR quality can be enhanced when a large image is cropped - which also reduces page count.
PL: Images can be ingested from a shared folder, or scan station, or ftp/ftps, or API. Hotfolder ingestion can be further controlled by including an optional XML ticket. XML tickets control workflow, output, and allow metadata to be ingested along with the image to be processed.

- what to look out for (with examples).

EH: we find that running the whole image increases the page count, each image ends up as 4-6 pages. Not necessarily a problem but good to be aware of if page count is an issue.