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This wiki supports the work of the NANSH (North American Network of Small Herbaria) Working Group, a group founded at the 2013 conference of the Association of Southeastern Biologists, Charleston, WV.

Digitization Training Workshops Wiki Home

Contact Information

  • For further information about this working group or the Small Collections Network, contact:
    • Gil Nelson ( or
    • Anna Monfils (
  • To join the Small Collections Network listserv, visit:

Interest Group Working Documents

Upcoming Webinars and Meetings

Potential and Recommended Meeting Topics

  • Using Geolocate for georeferencing herbarium collections (Nelson Rios): this could be a series of several webinars all focused on herbarium georeferencing.
  • Digital Photography 101: Morphology of a digital camera (Gil Nelson): this could also be series with more than one speaker.
  • Digital image file types and standards, what file formats mean and recommended practices: JPG, TIFF, NEF, CR2, DNG
  • Demonstration of Semi-automatic Label Information Extraction System (SALIX) (Daryl Lafferty): see for reference,
  • Uploading data through the Specify Workbench (Andy Bentley): this could also be a 3 or 4-part series
  • The future of NSF funding for small herbaria (NSF staff): where small herbaria fit into the picture
  • Digitization 101: Basics I need to know to start, initial steps for getting started (suggested from Small Herbarium Workshop at FSU)
  • What are Darwin Core and IPT?
  • OCR, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing
  • What does digitization do for me?
  • Sustaining Digitization: After the initial digitization
  • Sharing Resources: Creating a Consortium of Small Collections


  • 14 Feb 2014, 2-3 p.m. Stinger Guala, BISON, GBIF, ITIS

Discussion Notes

Species/Herbaria lists by states

Research Tasks

  • Criteria for species selection (G species, co-efficient of conservation, endemics, invasive, weedy, etc.)
  • Strategies for selecting herbaria from each state
  • Strategies for sampling data from not-yet-digitized herbaria
  • Compiling/writing a literature review
  • Compiling data from specimens cited in floras and publications (Travis)
  • Determining the use of BISON data/tools

North American Network of Small Herbaria

Botany 2014 Small Herbarium Workshop

  • Draft Agenda
  • Planning team
    • Libby Ellwood (Florida State University/iDigBio)
    • Ed Gilbert (Arizona State University)
    • Emily Gillespie (Marshall)
    • Kari Harris (Arkansas State University)
    • Erica Krimmel (Sagehen Field Station)
    • Travis Marsico (Arkansas State University)
    • Anna Monfils (Central Michigan University)
    • Ashley Morris (Middle Tennessee State University)
    • Gil Nelson (Florida State University/iDigBio)
    • Pam Soltis (University of Florida/iDigBio)
    • Kim Watson (New York Botanical Garden)

APG Documents and Web Sites

Relevant Papers and Publications