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Phenology Deep Learning Workshop


Notes documents - Thursday

Round One Assignment: Write the thesis paragraph for a paper outlining the major components of the perfect system for acquiring and managing phenological data from plant specimens. Restrict your paragraph to 6 sentences, the topic sentence and 5 supporting sentences addressing the 5 major components your paper will elucidate. Arrange your 5 sentences in priority order.

Round Two Assignment: From round one, several major topics cut across most of your responses, including standards, scoring, machine learning, Computational power/cyberinfrastructure. Self-select into four groups and outline where we are and where we want to go for these components.

Notes documents - Friday

Round Three Assignment: From our discussions on Day 1, record what you recognize as priority issues that need to be addressed first. Think of this in terms of a project. If funds were available to begin a project, what are the critical outcomes the project should strive to achieve?

Round Four Assignment: Continuing with our project development scenario, self-select the components you are most interested in and in small groups, begin to add implementation steps to our project, thinking as concretely as possible and making a strong and convincing case for the components you envision.

Paper Design

Workshop Participants

Susan Mazer, University of California, Santa Barbara</p>

Brian Stucky, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida

Katelin "Katie" Pearson, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

Alex White, Department of Botany / Data Science Lab, Smithsonian Institution

Sylvia Orli, Smithsonian

Patrick Sweeney, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

Emily Meineke, Harvard University Herbaria

Charles Davis, Harvard University Herbaria

Ellen Denny, USA-NPN/Univ of AZ

Laura Brenskelle, University of Florida

Nadya Williams, University of California, San Diego

Libby Ellwood, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Pierre Bonnet, CIRAD

Alexis Joly, Inria

Hervé Goëau, CIRAD

Titouan Lorieul, Inria / University of Montpellier

Nicky Nicolson, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Dept of Computer Science, Brunel University, London

Katja Seltmann, UC Santa Barbara

Isaac Park, University of California Santa Barbara

Mason Heberling, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Myla Aronson, Rutgers University

Deborah Paul, Florida State University

Renato Figueiredo, University of Florida

Annika Smith, Florida Museum of Natural History

Pam Soltis, Florida Museum of Natural History

Gil Nelson, Florida Museum of Natural History