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Phenology Deep Learning Workshop


Notes documents - Thursday

Round One Assignment: Write the thesis paragraph for a paper outlining the major components of the perfect system for acquiring and managing phenological data from plant specimens. Restrict your paragraph to 6 sentences, the topic sentence and 5 supporting sentences addressing the 5 major components your paper will elucidate. Arrange your 5 sentences in priority order.

Round Two Assignment: From round one, several major topics cut across most of your responses, including standards, scoring, machine learning, Computational power/cyberinfrastructure. Self-select into four groups and outline where we are and where we want to go for these components.

Notes documents - Friday

Round Three Assignment: From our discussions on Day 1, record what you recognize as priority issues that need to be addressed first. Think of this in terms of a project. If funds were available to begin a project, what are the critical outcomes the project should strive to achieve?

Round Four Assignment: Continuing with our project development scenario, self-select the components you are most interested in and in small groups, begin to add implementation steps to our project, thinking as concretely as possible and making a strong and convincing case for the components you envision.

Paper Design

Workshop Participants

Susan Mazer University of California, Santa Barbara

Brian Stucky lorida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida <p>Katelin Pearson California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo <p>Alex White Department of Botany / Data Science Lab, Smithsonian Institution <p>Sylvia Orli Smithsonian <p>Patrick Sweeney Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History <p>Emily Meineke Harvard University Herbaria <p>Charles Davis Harvard University Herbaria <p>Ellen Denny USA-NPN/Univ of AZ <p>Laura Brenskelle University of Florida <p>Nadya Williams University of California, San Diego <p>Libby Ellwood Natural History Museum of Los Angeles <p>Pierre Bonnet CIRAD <p>Alexis Joly Inria <p>Hervé Goëau CIRAD <p>Titouan Lorieul nria / University of Montpellier <p>Nicky Nicolson Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Dept of Computer Science, Brunel University, London <p>Katja Seltmann UC Santa Barbara <p>Isaac Park University of California Santa Barbara <p>Mason Heberlin<p>g Carnegie Museum of Natural History <p>Myla Aronson Rutgers University