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The Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) is composed of iDigBio's Project Manager, iDigBio's Biodiversity Informatics Coordinator, iDigBio's Project Evaluator, representatives from the Thematic Collections Networks (TCNs) and Partners to Existing Networks (PENs), NSF Program Officers, and other digitization projects and collections working with iDigBio. The IAC meets regularly to report on progress in digitization efforts, share best practices and standards, identify gaps in digitization areas and technology, enhance training efforts, and report on collaborations.


IAC meetings are held quarterly (February, May, August, and November) on the first Wednesday of the month at 2:00 PM Eastern:

The IAC meetings are held via Zoom:
Please note that this meeting requires a password! The password should have been emailed to you, but if you do not have the password, please reach out to Cat Chapman.

Participation from any or all TCN and PEN participants is welcomed and encouraged. Although these meetings are voluntary, please send a delegate so that your TCN or PEN is represented!

Meeting Summaries

The following are the minutes from past IAC meetings:

File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2021.05.05.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2021.02.03.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2020.12.02.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2020.08.12.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2020.05.06.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2020.02.05.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2019.08.07.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2019.05.01.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2019.02.06.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2018.11.07.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2018.08.01.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2018.05.02.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2018.02.07.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2017.09.06.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2017.06.29.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2017.04.26.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2017.02.22.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 20161216.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2016.09.15.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2016.07.12.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2016.05.16.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 20160106.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2015.09.28.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2015.07.07.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 20150506.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2015.02.09.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2014.12.01.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2014.09.03.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2014.06.25.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2014.03.pdf
File:IAC Meeting Minutes 2014.01.pdf
File:IAC Meeting minutes 2013.09.11.pdf
File:IDigBio IAC Meeting Minutes 2013.05.15.pdf
File:Monthly IAC Meeting 2013 03.pdf
File:Monthly IAC Meeting January 2013.pdf
File:Monthly IAC Meeting Sept 2012.pdf
File:Monthly IAC Meeting Aug 2012.pdf
File:Monthly IAC Meeting July 2012.pdf
File:Monthly IAC Meeting Jun 2012.pdf
File:Monthly IAC Meeting Apr 2012.pdf
File:Monthly IAC Meeting Mar 2012.pdf
File:Monthly IAC Meeting Feb 2012.pdf
File:Monthly IAC Meeting Jan 2012.pdf

TCN Progress Reports

TCNs are required to provide regular progress reports to iDigBio, which are due prior to each IAC meeting. Past reports are compiled below. Reports are submitted via email; see instructions here:

File:TCN Updates 2021.05.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2021.02.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2020.12.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2020.08.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2020.05.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2020.02.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2019.11.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2019.08.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2019.05.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2019.02.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2018.11.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2018.08.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2018.05.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2018.02.pdf
File:TCN Summit Presentations 2017.11.02.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2017.11.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2017.09.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2017.06.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2017.04.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2017.02.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2016.12.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2016.09.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2016.07.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2016.05.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2016.03.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2016.01.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2015.09.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2015.06.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2015.05.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2015.02.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2014.12.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2014.09.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2014.06.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2014.03.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2014.01.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2013.09.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2013.07.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2013.02.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2013.05.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2013.03.pdf
File:TCN Updates 2012 12.pdf

TCN Reporting Requirements

Prior to each IAC meeting, TCNs are asked to complete a quarterly progress report in the following areas: progress in digitization efforts; share and identify best practices and standards (including lessons learned); identify gaps in digitization areas and technology; share and identify opportunities to enhance training efforts; share and identify collaborations with other TCNs, institutions, and organizations; and share and identify opportunities and strategies for sustainability; and other progress that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

The TCN Lead PI submits reports quarterly to iDigBio via email. We have created a template for the reports that lead PIs are welcome to use. This link will prompt you to make a copy of the template document to your own Google Drive account, where you may fill it out with the required information before sending it to us. If you do not have a Google Drive account, or do not wish to use it, you may use this link to access the template for downloading to your PC (after accessing the link, click File, then Download, and choose your desired filetype, preferably .docx)

Contact Cat Chapman for further information about report submission; please use her contact page here.

The TCN Lead PI collects info from all collaborators and compiles into one bi-monthly report. If you are having issues or if you need help, please contact us.