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iDigBio supports a number of Working Groups. Several working groups are focused on the delivery of short-term objectives, while other standing Working Groups are tasked with ongoing research, development, and improvement activities. This page provides an overview of both current (active) and disbanded (inactive) Working Groups.

Working Group Overview

Group Name Status Members Mission & Scope Overlap with Other Working Groups Lists Links
Citizen Science Active
  • Austin Mast (Lead)
  • Tom Nash
  • Blanka Shaw
  • Jon Shaw
  • Matt von Konrat
  • Andrew Sallans
  • Michael Denslow
  • Nelson Rios
  • Barbara Thiers
  • Debbie Paul
  • Betty Dunckel
  • Gil Nelson
  • Bruce MacFadden
Identify and improve aspects of biodiversity digitization workflows that can be newly architected or enhanced to take advance of Citizen Science engagement.

Working Group Wiki

Citizen Science / Eductation & Outreach Workshop

Citizen Science / Education & Outreach Workshop Target Participants

Authority Files Active
  • Greg Riccardi (Lead)
  • Katja Seltmann
Cyber Infrastructure Active
  • Andrea Matsunaga (Lead)
Minimum Information Standards & Semantics Active
  • Gil Nelson (Lead)
Geo- Referencing Active
  • Debbie Paul (Lead)
Build a community of expert Georeferencing trainers and advance the capabilities of Georeferencing tools.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) / Natural Language Processing (NLP) Active Engage experts in the biodiversity and information technology fields to identify opportunities to broadly implement existing effective OCR tools and enhance

existing Machine and Natural Language Processing technologies to meet the needs of the biodiversity community.

Intellectual Property Policy Inactive
  • Gil Nelson (Lead)
  • Debbie Paul
  • David Giblin
  • Katja Schultz
  • Katja Seltmann
  • Chris Dietrich
  • Paul Stern
  • John Fraser
Produce a clear Intellectual Property Policy to establish data ownership rights and data re-use requirements related to content presented via iDigBio by collections and institutions. None identified N/A

Final Published Document

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