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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Topic Responsible

​Intro to iDigBio (the alphabets)

Gil Nelson, iDigBio/Florida State University
Digitization Modules, Tasks, and Workflows Gil Nelson
Brief tour of iDigBio resources - resources for digitizers Joanna McCaffrey, iDigBio/Florida Museum of Natural History
Getting involved with the biodiversity community Gil Nelson / Joanna McCaffrey
Importance of Biodiversity Informatics staff Joanna McCaffrey / Gil Nelson
Achieving a unified database
  • Migrating data
  • Management strategies
  • Preparing data (strategies, tools)
  • Rationale
Joanna McCaffrey
Preparing data for export
  • Installing IPT or getting involved with VertNet or iDigBio's IPT
  • Darwin Core archives
  • Importance of Globally Unique Identifiers
Joanna McCaffrey
Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) Joanna McCaffrey