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Facilitate ingestion of media files (images) into iDigBio from your local file system in a reliable manner and meeting the minimum iDigBio requirements for media. For an overview of the appliance, look at the CYberinfrastructure Working Group (CYWG) meeting presentation slides.

This document elaborates on use cases for the image ingestion appliance; community input is welcome to help refine and expand the list of use cases.

Download Links

Get the image ingestion appliance from our latest github release:

  • Latest Github Release
  • Note: due to security reasons, versions for Windows XP are not supported any more.

What do I need to provide?

The appliance requires the following:

  1. An internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9 are supported and tested)
  2. An iDigBio account with corresponding UUID and assigned API key
  3. A set of image files residing on your local disk that are compliant with the iDigBio Policy on Acceptable Formats for iDigBio-hosted Images
  4. A Creative Commons license that you would like to apply to all the images. If you need guidance on the selection, look at iDigBio Intellectual License Property Policy.
  5. A comma-separated file (CSV) containing at least the full path to the location of each image and the GUID you would like to assign to the media metadata.

What are the fields in the input CSV?

Getting Started


How can I get the account UUID and API key pair?

  • You can get a account UUID / API key pair by contacting Alex Thompson (

I have trouble installing the appliance on a Mac machine and I get the error message "iDigBio Image Ingestion Tool" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

Why is the ingestion tool not working on my machine?

  • Please send email to Indicate your operating system, browser and the symptom or error message you get.

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