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Historical Information About Old APIs

Caution! Caution: This page refers to things that no longer exist.

The information in this document is a collection of old or incomplete documentation about APIs that iDigBio proposed or ran in the past. None of the things described below currently exist.

This information is assembled here so we can show the evolution of our API systems and also potentially to provide a source of ideas for the future.

Elasticsearch Interface

For a time iDigBio offered direct access to our Elasticsearch interface. Direct queries to the iDigBio Elasticsearch service are now deprecated because Elastico does not suggest that their query API can be secured against malicious use. It it also possible to construct very CPU expensive queries and since our ES cluster serves our interactive portal, we felt we can't let people run long-running queries on the same cluster. The iDigBio Search API should be used instead.

A public-facing interface to the iDigBio back-end Elasticsearch system is no longer available.