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Ecology Groups from the Ecological Society of America
At ADBC Summit VII, the ICER Working Group (Integrating Collections and Ecological Research), along with BCoN, will present a half-day workshop centered around ecologists who incorporate collections data in their scientific research and sharing a potential model program for integrating collections data in conservation efforts. Speakers invited will give talks representing community examples of museum specimen data integrated with other biodiversity data to enhance and inform efforts to address key ecological questions

In this workshop we intend to connect the collections community at ADBC Summit VII with the broader ecology community, and including the conservation community. Sustainability strategies for collections may include taking the opportunity to expand their respective stakeholders. Ecologists recognize the need for certain kinds of data to enhance their research now and in the future [cite the TrEE piece here]. Outcomes of this session may include: 1) defining which groups of ecologists can use collections data now, which groups the data does not suit, and which groups the data might suit if modified / enhanced, 2) brainstorming with ecologists about where they look for data to make sure our collections data is published - along with suitable metadata - where they look, 3) discussing plans for a robust review of current data and asking what data might be collected in the future to make the data more useful to the ecologists of the future, 4) development of the conservation-collections vision (BCoN), 5) other topics as raised by the group present at the workshop.

More about ICER

The Integrating Collections and Ecological Research (ICER) Working Group is inspired by efforts to expand and enhance the community of those using collections data in their scientific research. Recent publications provide evidence the ecology community is calling for more robust and strategic connections between the ecology and collection communities. For example, iDigBio has collaborated at recent Ecological Society of America Conferences with the Natural History Section, and the Historical Records group.

The initial two main foci of ICER are to 1) figure out how best to insure ecologists know about existing collections data resources, 2) bring the two communities together to discuss suitability of the data captured from field specimen collection for ecologists. Other potential topics include: delineating which ecology groups can best use collections data (and which cannot), looking at what might be possible in the future to support ecologists vouchering specimens where appropriate, and working with collections and ecologists to design sustainable new standard practices for supporting ecologists as parties vested in supporting the existence of and need for collections.

Speakers at ICER and Conservation (BCoN) Workshop

  • David Tazik (NEON)
  • Jennifer McGuire (Georgia Tech)
  • Anna Monfils (CMU)
  • Barry Sinervo (USCS EEB)

ICER Documents in Progress

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ICER Workshops and Related Activities

  • ICER participates in the Field to Collections Bioblitz at ESA 2017 (5 August 2017)
  • ICER at iDigBio Summit VII (2-3 November 2017) (this document)

Activities and Articles in Support of Ecology and Collections Collaboration


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