Getting Started

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Signing In with Your Account Information

  • If this is the first time you are using this application, you need to log in with your iDigBio Account UUID and the API Key. You may request the login combination from iDigBio.
  • Fill in your login information in the dialog box after you launch the application, as shown below.
Sign in.png
  • Once you have successfully signed in, your Account UUID and API Key are saved on your computer and you don't need to sign in again next time you open the appliance.

Ingestion Tool at a Glance

  • Upload via CSV : Upload media files using a CSV file.
  • Upload History : View the history of previous uploads from user's computer.
  • Generate CSV : Create a CSV file for the images in a folder.

Ingestion Procedures

  1. At first, you want to make a CSV(Comma Separated Value) file. CSV should contain the information about the media files that you are about to upload. We recommend to use the "generate CSV" tab, if you are not aware about a CSV file.
  2. After the CSV file is ready either by manually or by the generation, you can upload media files through "Upload via CSV" tab.
  3. You can always check the previous uploads through the "Upload History" tab.

Adding a Folder of Images

  • Hereafter, we present an example of uploading bunch of image files from the folder is presented in a step by step manner. It consists of two steps. One is generating a CSV file and then uploading image files with CSV file.