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Date: August 6-10, 2018
New Orleans, LA


Ecological data repositories and data specialists will collaborate at the ESA 2018 meeting in New Orleans to add a Data Help Desk to the Poster/Exhibition Hall. The Environmental Data Initiative (EDI), iDigBio, Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), DataCite, DataONE, and Arctic Data Center will offer three types of assistance:
1) Data Reference Desk - for general information management and data discovery and use questions
2) Meet the Expert - one-on-one sessions
3) DataBytes - short presentations and demonstrations about ecological data topics ranging from data repositories to analytical tools to creating metadata


Time Speaker Title Abstract
1:30 Amber Budden Creating Effective Data Management Plans for Ecological Research Introduction to the critical components of effective data management plans, with consideration of the ways in which your plan can be tailored to the size, duration, and breadth of your project. We will introduce to the DMPTool, a tool that provides multiple funder templates that can be adapted to meet individual needs.
2:30 Margaret O'Brien Harmonizing ecological community data sets for synthesis A content or design pattern helps you organize data of a particular type so it is easier to work with, and integrate with other data. EDI has a design pattern for community survey data which we will describe and demonstrate.
3:30 Karl Benedict Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks Have you wished for the ability to add live blocks of executable code and dynamic graphics in your word processor? Have you every wanted to write some nicely formatted text in the middle of your analysis code? Do you need to quickly present results from a new analysis to colleagues? Then, Jupyter Notebooks may be for you. This workshop will provide an introduction to notebook concepts and use.