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Digitizing the Past and Present for the Future
Quick Links for Digitizing Source Materials Workshop
Digitizing Source Materials Workshop Agenda
Digitizing Source Materials Workshop Biblio Entries
Digitizing Source Materials Workshop Report

Digitization Resources Wiki Home

Digitization Resources Wiki Home

Workshop Date: 9-13 March 2014

Pre-workshop Survey

Agenda and Logistics Documents





Shared Documents

Workshop Recordings

Day 1:

Day 2:


Planning Meeting Agendas

Planning Team Documents

Planning Team

  • Christina Fidler, U. C. Berkeley
  • Larry Gall, Yale
  • Michelle Koo, U. C. Berkeley
  • James Macklin, AAFC
  • Gil Nelson, iDigBio
  • Deb Paul, iDigBio
  • Rusty Russell, Smithsonian
  • Carolyn Sheffield, Smithsonian
  • Barbara Thiers, NYBG
  • Tim White, Yale

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