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This page provides resources and information for the series of digitization training workshops being conducted by iDigBio as well as a plethora of digitization information and resources. Included is a growing list of links to documents, websites, videos, presentations, and other important information related to biological collection digitization.

iDigBio Intro

The following links provide general introductory information on iDigBio.

Interest/Working Groups

The following links take you to Interest/Working Groups focused on Digitization. For other working groups please use the following link iDigBio Working Groups

Workshop/Symposia Wikis and Reports

The following collapsible tables contain all the Workshop/Symposia wikis and their corresponding Reports, in reverse chronological order

Calendar Year 2014

Workshop Reports

Digitization Avenue

The following links provide information on the task clusters that enable efficient and effective digitization of Biological Collections. If you are unfamiliar with the task clusters please read the following Five task clusters that enable efficient and effective digitization of biological collections.