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This page provides resources and information for the series of digitization training workshops being conducted by iDigBio as well as a plethora of digitization information and resources. Included is a growing list of links to documents, websites, videos, presentations, and other important information related to biological collection digitization.

iDigBio Intro

The following links provide general introductory information on iDigBio.

Interest/Working Groups

The following links take you to Interest/Working Groups focused on Digitization. For other working groups please use the following link iDigBio Working Groups

Workshop/Symposia Wikis and Reports

The following collapsible tables contain all the Workshop/Symposia wikis and their corresponding Reports, in reverse chronological order

Calendar Year 2014

Workshops and Symposia Wikis Workshop Reports

Calendar Year 2013

Workshops and Symposia Wikis Workshop Reports


* CITSCribe Hackathon, University of Florida, Gainesville (December 16-20 2013) * Small Herbarium Digitization Workshop Wiki, Florida State University (December 9-12 2013) * Summit 2013 Workshop Wiki, Aloft Tallahassee (November 19- 20 2013)


* Paleo Collections Digitization Workshop Wiki, Yale Peabody Museum (September 22-25 2013) * Fluid-preserved Invertebrate and Microscopic Slide Imaging, University of Michigan (September 16-19 2013) * Specify Workshop Wiki, University of Kansas (August 12-16 2013) * GWG Second Train the Trainers Workshop, Gainesville (August 12-16 2013) * CSIRO Digitization Workshop, Canberra, Australia (July 2013) * Dried Insect Digitization Workshop Wiki, Chicago (April 23-26 2013) * ASB Digitization Workshop and Symposium (April 13 2013) * Wet Collections Workshop Wiki, University of Kansas, (March 4-6 2013) * 2013 AOCR Hackathon Wiki (February 13-14 2013) *CITSCribe Hackathon Report *Mobilizing Small Herbaria Workshop Report *Summit 2013 Report *Paleontology Digitization Workshop Report *Fluid-preserved Arthropod and Microscopic Slide Imaging Workshop Report *"Progressive Specify" Workshop Report *iDigBio's 2nd Train the Trainers Georeferencing Workshop from the GWG Report *CSIRO Digitization Workshop Report *Dried Insect Digitization Workshop Report *ASB 2013 Workshop Report *Wet Collections Digitization Workshop Report to be added *iDigBio Augmenting OCR Hackathon Workshop Report **iDigBio Augmenting OCR Hackathon Update Part II Workshop Report

Calendar Year 2012

Workshops and Symposia Wikis Workshop Reports

Digitization Avenue

The following links provide information on the task clusters that enable efficient and effective digitization of Biological Collections. If you are unfamiliar with the task clusters please read the following Five task clusters that enable efficient and effective digitization of biological collections.