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(Trial Pages)
(Trial Pages)
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==Trial Pages==
==Trial Pages==
*[[Digitization_Template_1| Trial Page Option 1.]]
*[[Digitization_Template_1| Trial Page Option 1.]]
*[[Trial Page 2| Trial Page Option 2.]]
*[[Digitization_Template_2| Trial Page Option 2.]]
*[[Trial Page 3| Trial Page Option 3.]]
*[[Digitization_Template_3| Trial Page Option 3.]]

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This page provides resources and information for the series of digitization training workshops being conducted by iDigBio as well as a plethora of digitization information and resources. Included is a growing list of links to documents, websites, videos, presentations, and other important information related to biological collection digitization.

iDigBio Intro

Interest/Working Groups

Digitization Workshops and Symposia Wikis

2014 Workshops and Symposia Wikis

2013 Workshops and Symposia Wikis

2012 Workshops and Symposia Wikis

Workshop Summaries

2014 Workshop Reports

2013 Workshop Reports

2012 Workshop Reports

General Digitization Resources

Leveraging the Library and Other Institutional Resources

Example Digitization Protocols

Imaging Documents and Resources

Image File Types and File Specifications

Imaging Station Equipment and Specifications

3D Imaging and 3D Printing Resources

Camera Manuals & Specifications

Links to Workflows - iDigBio and Elsewhere

Workflows and Protocols

Georeferencing Resources

Database Resources and Tools



Trial Pages