Developing Robust Object to Image to Data (DROID2)

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Developing Robust Object to Image to Data (DROID2)

Pinned Things Working Group

The DROID workshop, co-sponsored by iDigBio, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Yale University, and the University of Kansas in May 2012, resulted in a series of working groups focused on developing workflow task clusters for a variety of preservation types. Links to the deliverables from the first group in this series, dubbed the Flat Sheets and Packets Working Group, are presented on the wiki here and on the Documents page.

The original DROID2 pinned things working group at the May 2012 meeting included: Jim Beach, Paul Morris, Dmitry Dmitriev, Petra Sierwald, Jennifer Thomas, Paul Heinrich and Deborah Paul. Members of the community taking up where this initial group left off are listed below and had their first meeting on 20 September 2012.

Goals of this working group include pinned things workflows and protocols put together from collective knowledge of the group and gathering existing protocols and workflows here on the iDigBio website from the broader community for collective use. Your input is welcome!

Working Group Membership

  • Gil Nelson, iDigBio Digitization
  • Deborah Paul, iDigBio User Services
  • Petra Sierwald
  • Ed Riley
  • Talia Karim
  • Jennifer Thomas, KU ENT
  • Nico Franz
  • Larry Gall, YPM
  • Katja Seltmann, AMNH
  • Margaret Thayer
  • John Oswald