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This page is the working forum for Molly and Joanna to manage their project to send out invitations to collections to provide their data to iDigBio. (2015-01-16)


Places to look in order to establish if we have (or will be getting) a collection’s data:


Places to look for contact information for Collections

Symbiota Resources

Check in the following portals:

The Symbiota nodes: (collections here are manually added to Dan's ingestor)

The TCN Symbiota nodes: (collections here are automatically picked up by Dan's ingestor)

The Symbiota websites are all of a type with respect to navigation: interface schema: from the main page, for example

Go to Site Map-> Darwin Core archives:

Search Collections on the lefthand nav bar:

Symbiota Help:

Campaign Report

Numbers reported to Larry

  • Ingesting queue: 8 collections
  • Mobilizing queue: 8 collections
  • Negotiating queue: 42
  • Pre-negotiating queue: 25
  • Our email letter writing campaign produced 562 letter emailed to collections staff


We are working by region:
We finished by the end of March
Midwest: JM DONE
Alaska & Hawaii: JM DONE
South: MP DONE
Northeast: JM DONE

Map of usa regions by us census bureau.jpg