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** [https://vimeo.com/160792078 ​MP4 Version on Vimeo]  
** [https://vimeo.com/160792078 ​MP4 Version on Vimeo]  
** by Lawrence Hudson and Ben Price, Natural History Museum, London. Recorded 29 March, 2016. 11 - 12 PM EDT.
** by Lawrence Hudson and Ben Price, Natural History Museum, London. Recorded 29 March, 2016. 11 - 12 PM EDT.
* [http://idigbio.adobeconnect.com/p8dpn6d3oyr Webinar Panel: DAMs and Archival Issues for Large and Small Collections: options, considerations, resources]
==Collaborative Notes and Interest Group Documents==
==Collaborative Notes and Interest Group Documents==

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Data Management Interest Group (DMI)

This page is devoted to resources and discussion for the DMI Group. Keeping up with data requires certain skills and infrastructure. This Interest Group plans to discuss issues surrounding shared data and the help and information the biodiversity community needs in order to ensure, if possible, that the provider has the most up-to-date versions of their own datasets. We intend to provide a forum for discussion, and act as a resource for guidance to point providers toward potential solutions. Do you need help to re-integrate data into your database? Are you able to help, or know of resources? We invite anyone with an interest in this topic to join us and contribute your observations and potential solutions to this challenging topic. Anyone is welcome to join the interest group.

The interest group schedules regular discussion sessions via Adobe Connect for the purpose of sharing techniques, strategies, uses, improvements, and technology associated with re-integrating enhanced data back into a provider's database. Resources, related documents, and discussion notes are stored below. Our first meeting: Webinar 7 August 2014, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT.

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Interest Group Members

DMI Members

Meeting Recordings

Collaborative Notes and Interest Group Documents

Presentations, Posters, Upcoming Topics

Potential Topics

  • Linking specimens, notes, and literature-- what systems have you found that best serve those linkages?
  • More about Archiving Options and Challenges
  • Macroalgal TCN using Voice Recognition and OCR output to speed up digitization

Relevant Papers and Documents

A specialist’s audit of aggregated occurrence records Robert Mesibov

Relevant Links

Data Carpentry