Custom Digital Capture and Illumination Box Bundle by Roberts Camera

Roberts Camera developed this box as a custom solution for capturing high resolution images of paper-mounted botanical samples along with a color reference chart (typically included) and a small ruler or scale (not included) using a DSLR. The box is currently built-to-order - for more information contact a member of the Roberts Camera Professional and Commercial Sales team .

The digital capture and illumination box bundle positions a D-SLR camera at a distance to capture the entirety of a paper-mounted botanical sample using a 36x24mm sensor size / Full Frame body with a 50 or 60mm macro lens. The DSLR is mounted to the lid of the box via photo industry "grip" equipment. The light source is a flexible high CRI LED panel on either side. Samples are loaded through a 3" gap at the bottom of one face - not pictured is the modification for a hinged flap with a magnet holder above the loading gap to allow positioning of larger samples like pine cones and cacti.

Last modified on 19 June 2017, at 14:12