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Digitizing the Past and Present for the Future
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Quick Links for Transcription Hackathon Workshop
Transcription Hackathon Workshop Agenda
Transcription Hackathon Workshop Biblio Entries
Transcription Hackathon Workshop Report

Logistics, etc.


Photos From the Hackathon


Track 1 Report Backs

  1. Daryl Lafferty and Ed Gilbert: on building restful web services for returning parsed OCR output
  2. Stuart Lynn: using data from NfN - to visualize the data being transcribed
  3. John Wieczorek and David Lowery: Record as input, Dataset at Input - to a web service to report back on Data Quality
    1. example: report generated shows if taxon names are found in the reference list, and if the georeferences are within expected range for a taxon.
      1. user can specify in-what-order to check what services to go to
    2. also, a csv file is generated with recommendations about what to do for each record
    3. next steps (a yacht in the Med) to...
      1. next steps user can choose:want test or improved data?
      2. Alex requests a CLI wrapper
  4. Ben Brumfield: tweaking BIOSPEX and DwC files to manage Field Notebook Digitization Projects
  5. Nelson Rios: Packaging up data to create a project, upload datasets, to CoGE and GeoLocate - to seamlessly send the data, and get the georeferences back.

Track 2 Report Backs

  1. International Transcription Blitz Report
  2. Charts from Elastic Search: Visualizing and Reconciliation of Transcription Alex Thompson
  3. Julie Allen, Charlotte Germain-Aubrey, Sophia : using CartoDB to visualize transcription by user / by project for NfN Dashboards
  4. Sophia : on visualization of volunteer-entered observations


Data Quality Assessment, Improvement, Annotation.

Interoperability - Manifest.

SALIX Web Service.

Honey Badgers, nuff said.

Remote Access

To the extent possible, the hackathon sessions will be broadcast and recorded using Adobe Connect. The meeting hosts will monitor the chat to address any questions or concerns.

Remote participants are encouraged to visit the iDigBio Web Conferencing Wiki and view the Adobe Connect Quick Start Guide.