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unsubscribe IDIGBIOGWG-L
unsubscribe IDIGBIOGWG-L

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Augmenting OCR Working Group Discussion Forum


Use: Here you can engage the broader community with threaded conversations about topics introduced by the OCR working group or those proposed by registered users of iDigBio.org. Examples of forum topics might include:

  • Author: CollectionManagerBob | Topic: Will the Augmenting OCR working group be attending SPNCH this year?
  • Author: OCRwg MemberTom | Topic: July Meeting Minutes, Input requested
  • Author: NSFprogramperson | Topic: NSF solicitation to the OCR / NLP / ML Community Open today


  • Authenticated (logged in) users can post.
  • Content Editors can assist with moderation (Deb Paul is a content editor).
  • Administrators can remove content and assist with organization and forum hierarchies (Kevin Love is an administrator).

Augmenting OCR and NLP Working Group Wiki


Use: This is a community derived encyclopedia of information about the Augmenting OCR working group. Contributions from the broader community are encouraged to unify the larger encyclopedia of digitization that iDigBio will be maintaining.


  • Anonymous users can view.
  • Authenticated users can edit.
  • Bureaucrats can move pages(Deb Paul is a Bureaucrat).

iDigBio Augmenting OCR Listserve


Use: This is a moderated email listserve for the members of the Augmenting OCR working group. To add yourself to the list, send a piece of email to: listserv@lists.ufl.edu

Include in the body of the mail: subscribe IDIGBIOGWG-L (your first name) (your last name)
e.g.: subscribe IDIGBIOGWG-L Jane Doe

To remove yourself from a list, send a piece of email to listserv@lists.ufl.edu with the line
unsubscribe IDIGBIOGWG-L