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Welcome to the 2013 iDigBio AOCR Hackathon Wiki


Links to Logistics, Communication, and Participant Information

Overview of the Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Development of OCR SaaS for use by the entire community.
  • report on progress beyond parsing, accomplishments, and in-the-works
    • internal / external
  • summary report on progress, including metrics evaluation
    • internal / external
  • collected conversation / feedback from whole group (report back summary)
  • Social Media
    • photographs
    • post to Facebook
    • blog post to iDigBio
  • code from participants (at github)
  • white paper on the hackathon process
  • all participant's talks posted to the hackathon wiki, including links to their code, comments.
  • Participants talks and summary reports added to the iDigBio Biblio.

Choosing Images and Parsing Decisions

Issues that need work

*Thank you NESCent, Hilmar Lapp and the HIP working group for this model.