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Welcome to the 2013 iDigBio AOCR Hackathon Wiki

  • Short URL to this hackathon wiki http://tinyurl.com/aocrhackathonwiki
  • Those participating in the first iDigBio AOCR Hackathon need an iDigBio account.
  • Note: This wiki page undergoing frequent updates and some participants have wiki edit permissions and will add to / update / edit these pages before, during and after the hackathon.

Links to Logistics, Communication, and Participant Information

Overview of the Challenge

  • 2013 iDigBio AOCR Hackathon Challenge
    • overall description of The Challenge
    • The Specific Task: parse OCR output to find values for these [2013_hackathon_data_elements]
    • Metrics and Evaluation to be used
    • Three Data Sets
      • There are three data sets, that is, three different sets of images of museum specimen labels. Participants, working alone or in groups, may work on one or more data sets as they choose. The sets have been ranked, easy, medium, hard, as an estimate of how difficult it might be to successfully get good parsed data from the OCR output from each data set.
    • Accessing the Data
  "core" fields

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing Images and Parsing Decisions

Issues that need work

*Thank you NESCent, Hilmar Lapp and the HIP working group for this model.