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Welcome to the 2013 iDigBio AOCR Hackathon Wiki

  • Short URL to this hackathon wiki http://tinyurl.com/aocrhackathonwiki
  • Those participating in the first iDigBio AOCR Hackathon need an iDigBio account.
  • Note: This wiki page undergoing frequent updates and some participants have wiki edit permissions and will add to / update / edit these pages before, during and after the hackathon.

Links to Logistics, Communication, and Participant Information

Overview of the Challenge

  "core" fields   

link to explanations and examples of the 3 data sets

  set 1: LBCC label images
  set 2: NYBG and BRIT label images
  set 3: CalBug ENT label images

link to page summarizing the rules we followed to transcribe the gold set (and others)

Text Transcription Issues

Known OCR, ML, NLP Issues and challenges

Human-in-the-loop: User Interface Wish List

*Thank you NESCent, Hilmar Lapp and the HIP working group for this model.