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Note: This wiki page undergoing frequent updates. Those participating in the first iDigBio AOCR Hackathon need an iDigBio account. Some participants have wiki edit permissions and will add to / update / edit these pages before, during and after the hackathon.

Hackathon Participants

  • Robert Anglin, ranglin@wisc.edu, Arizona State University, Symbiota Developer, LBCC TCN
  • Scott Bates, scott.thomas.bates@gmail.com, University of Colorado Boulder, MaCC TCN
  • Jason Best, jbest@brit.org, Botanical Research Institute of Texas
  • Ben Brumfield, benwbrum@gmail.com, From The Page Digitization Consulting
  • Stephen Chong, stevenchong@email.arizona.edu, University of Arizona, SIRLS Graduate Student
  • Christopher Dell, cdell@ufl.edu, University of Florida Museum of Natural History Informatics Lab
  • Dmitry Dmtriev, dmitriev@inhs.uiuc.edu, Illinois Natural History Survey, TTD-TCN, InvertNeet
  • Ryan Farrell, farrell@eecs.berkeley.edu, UC Berkeley, ICSI
  • Michael Giddens, mikegiddens@silverbiology.com, Silver Biology
  • Edward Gilbert, egbiodiversity@gmail.com, Arizona State University, Symbiota ead Developer, LBCC TCN, SCAN TCN
  • Stephen Gottschalk, sgottschalk@nybg.org, New York Botanical Garden
  • Bryan Heidorn, heidorn@email.arizona.edu, University of Arizona, School of Information Resources and Library Science (SIRLS)
  • Daryl Lafferty, daryl@daryllafferty.com, Arizona State University, SALIX Developer
  • Kevin Love, klove@flmnh.ufl.edu, University of Florida, iDigBio IT
  • Tianli Mo, tianli@hawaii.edu, University of Hawaii,Joseph F. Rock Herbarium
  • Dmitry Mozzherin, dmozzherin@mbl.edu, Marine Biological Laboratory, Encyclopedia of Live, Global Names Architecture
Hackathon Participants
Participant email affiliation position key skills / hackathon roles