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Welcome to the 2013 iDigBio AOCR Hackathon Wiki

  • Short URL to this hackathon wiki http://tinyurl.com/aocrhackathonwiki
  • Note: This wiki page undergoing frequent updates.
  • Those participating in the first iDigBio AOCR Hackathon need an iDigBio account.
  • Some participants have wiki edit permissions and will add to / update / edit these pages before, during and after the hackathon.

Logistics and Participant Information

2013 Hackathon Participant List 2013 Hackathon Call for Participation 2013 Hackathon Application Form* 2013 Hackathon Travel, Food, Lodging, Connectivity Logistics

link to page/s describing the problem, the specific challenge and metrics to be used

   parse to find values for these  "core" fields

link to explanations of the 3 data sets

  set 1: LBCC label images
  set 2: NYBG and BRIT label images
  set 3: CalBug ENT label images

link to page summarizing the rules we followed to transcribe the gold set (and others)

Text Transcription Issues

link to data examples

Mailing List for Hackathon aocr-hackathon-l@lists.ufl.edu

link to a page listing known "specific" issues / challenges

  how to get OCR to ignore a map (reduce OCR confusion)
  ... and ___ present a challenge and confuse OCR and parsing.
  figure out an algorithm that would separate images into sets with
     no handwriting, little handwriting (mostly text typed or printed), lots of handwriting

link to user interface wish list

  link labelx to apiary and symbiota
  what else?
*Thank you Nesent, Hilmar Lapp and the HIP working group for this model.