WeDigBio Strategic Planning Workshop

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The workshop is scheduled for four days: Tuesday, January 26; Thursday, January 28; Tuesday, February 2; and Thursday, February 4. To enable everyone to participate at a time that is convenient, we have provided two two-hour options (9–11 a.m. ET and 3–5 p.m. ET) for each day. There will be groups meeting on the day’s topics at both of those times, and participants may join one or both of those timeslots each day.

We are still finalizing the schedule, but it will likely look similar to this:

Jan 26: Introductions; Workshop Goals; Workshop Schedule; WeDigBio Mission, Vision, and Values

Jan 28: WeDigBio Environmental Scan; WeDigBio Sustainability;  WeDigBio Goals and Objectives

Feb 2: WeDigBio Leadership Structure, including Working Groups

Feb 4: Advancing Towards WeDigBio 2021 Objectives 


The workshop is online, and registered participants will receive Zoom link information via email prior to the event.


Our expected outcomes for the workshop include (1) completion of a draft five-year strategic plan, (2) establishment of a leadership structure with terms of reference for leadership roles, and (3) renewed excitement surrounding the event.  We are beginning with a strategic plan from the current timeframe (2019–2021) that will be shared with registered participants prior to the workshop.




The organizers of the event are Austin Mast, Libby Ellwood, and Kevin Love. Those interested in registering for the event should contact Austin (