Using Biodiversity Specimen-Based Data to Study Global Change

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This wiki supports the workshop entitled Using Biodiversity Specimen-Based Data to Study Global Change. The workshop is sponsored by iDigBio and will be hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden on December 2-3, 2015.

Using Biodiversity Specimen-Based Data to Study Global Change
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General Information

Workshop Overview

The workshop will focus on using specimen-based data to study global change, including climate change, landscape modification, and invasive species. The workshop will examine the use of digitized data to address key questions while also addressing the issue of incomplete (spotty) geographic and taxonomic data.

Planning Team

Collaboratively brought to you by: Larry Page (iDigBio) and Pam Soltis (iDigBio)

Remote Access

To the extent possible, the workshop will be broadcast and recorded using Adobe Connect, and the meeting hosts will monitor the chat to address questions/concerns. To connect, go to and choose Enter as Guest, type your first and last name, and then click Enter Room. Remote participants are encouraged to visit the iDigBio Web Conferencing Wiki prior to connecting.


Final Agenda


Biodiversity Specimen-Based Data for Studying Global Change: pros, gaps, and action!


Recorded Presentations