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Recommendations from Summit V Survey

  1. Participation in the “new TCN orientation” should be open to anyone interested but not required of every member of a new TCN.
  2. The orientation session should emphasize the services and resources offered by iDigBio and the various ways participants can get involved without focusing too much on the iDigBio website.
  3. Provide a glossary of acronyms (e.g., GBIF, IPT) and emphasize to presenters and discussion leaders the importance of avoiding acronyms and jargon and/or defining them.
  4. Consider a session or presentation that describes the history of the ADBC program and/or the relationships among the various organizations and agencies involved.
  5. Explore alternative formats for the presentations.
  6. If there is buy-in from Working Groups or the community, prioritize breakout group/discussion session topics for which clear action plans are feasible and there is likely to be follow-up.
  7. Align the labels assigned to sessions (e.g., workshop, informational session, break-out) with their goals.
  8. Ensure the future venues have excellent Internet capabilities and plenty of seating for informal conversations.
  9. Explore ways to formalize mentoring relationships between older and newer TCNs.
  10. Explore ways to better market the Summit.

Discussion Topic Ideas

  • Data Management/Data Quality Improvement
  • Education & Outreach
  • iDigBio Resources
  • Research Use Cases & Collaborative Tool Development
  • Project Management
  • Citizen Science
  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Portal Stories - why does it do what it does (and how to make it better)
  • Inspiring the community to fill data/digitization gaps

Use-of-Venue Ideas

  • Noticed "cool" A/V room set up at TechTown for recording.
    • perhaps arrange for video shorts from participants?
  • Write-on walls
    • think about how best to use these? instructors at ASU workshop enjoyed using these.
  • 3-D printing
    • the online video tour of TechTown shows 3-D printers. If these are always there, and available for our use, it would be great to have a specimen or three printing out while we are there. And we can highlight the work of grad student Claudia Grant, and others -- to show how these are used for research and in the classroom.
  • Are there other tech bits there like SmartBoards?
    • Why is this good to know? Would be great to know what tools are available to use in presentations and breakouts
      • for the participants and the speakers / instructors.
  • Tweet team (like it's done at the Entomological Society of America meeting).
    • We need several (2 min.) persons whose "job" it is to tweet the exciting, enticing bits of our meeting.
  • Does TechTown have any participant voting clickers? (i.e.,

Summit Program

  • Don't plan to print (interactive PDF only)
  • Include:
    • Bios
    • TCN info - poster instead of wiki info?
    • Acronym glossary
    • How various organizations are related to one another


  • Have an online registration form for improved data collection
    • Contact info, bio (incl. research and collection interests), picture
    • ORCID IDs
    • Twitter/facebook/ResearchGate/other social media

TCN Presentations

Each TCN will be giving a 5-minute, 5-slide lightning presentation that covers the following topics (1 topic per slide):

  1. Progress in digitization efforts (this needs to be backed up by statistics/numbers; progress against what was planned)
  2. Data management of & open access to data via iDigBio (data publication, How much of their data does iDigBio have to date?)
  3. Research uses of data
  4. Management & oversight of the network (What about network sustainability?)
  5. What have you learned that can be shared with other TCNs? (This should address both issues around digitization and broader impact activities.)