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This trial page shows one of the possible outcomes for the wiki page. Here the Workshop/Symposia wikis and Reports have been condensed in a collapsible table, additionally numbers 5-18 from the initial Digitization resources page has been grouped into the five + clusters.

Potential positives

   This arrangement makes it easy to locate the report of a particular Workshop/Symposia for the user
   This arrangement creates less scrolling to view all items besides Workshop/Symposia wiki and Reports
   This arrangement also creates less scrolling on the Digitization page as compared to Trial page 1 and 4

Potential negatives

   If we do not have reports, and they are never created, the list will continue to portray report to be added.

10/16/2014 Adania

I have edited the syntax used in the tables for workshops and reports. The new syntax creates individual rows and cells which allow changes to be made in the individual rows and cells, whereas the initial syntax- |-valign=top -comprised of one big cell which made it difficult to make changes.

10/21/2014 Adania

The 2014 and 2015 tables are now both partially collapsible, (I still need to work on a better way to organize the syntax)

I have created a static info box table-no links exist yet-, which is intended to give users fast access to their destination or send them to places we would like them to go to with ease. Please note this is just a rough draft and the contents we include in the table is editable and open to suggestions.

12/16/2014 Adania

The info box is no longer static. I would like feedback as to what the links should be within this box.