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Ideas regarding the Retreat format

  • Breakout groups
  • One large discussion group
  • Presentations

Ideas for discussion topics at the Retreat

General discussion

  • Share information from our meeting with NSF, including the new cooperative agreement and panel review summary
  • Status update about the project
    • Status of the portal and use
    • Scope of data storage (ACIS)
    • Role of postdocs and students in iDigBio — what are they supposed to be doing?
    • Citizen Science
    • K-12 initiatives
    • FLMNH Events


  • How to make our training sustainable
    • Converting our training materials for posterity/sustainability
      • Perhaps partner with Coursera (or a firm like them)
    • Funding for participant support will be declining after 2017
  • Sustainability issues for iDigBio + TCNs
    • Historical Knowledge and Documents
      • Do TCNs have robust plans for sharing developed workflows / protocols / policies (on digitization, imaging, archiving, communication strategies,...)
      • Do they archive plans for these documents?
        • Can we provide this?
      • TCN Staff (at high, middle, and in-the-trenches) are amassing a wealth of knowledge about digitization. When their funding ends, a great deal of this may be lost.
        • How do we include these TCNs in future summits?
        • Is there a role for some Video Exit Interviews (oral interviews), to capture this knowledge? Perhaps Shari and Betty could set something up?
    • What does it mean for iDigBio for "TCNs to continue to exist?"
      • Upcoming IAC Meeting - topic to discuss & perhaps clarify: What does it mean for a TCN to continue to exist? This needs clarification in the TCN community.
        • What implications (if any) does this have for us at iDigBio? Example: A TCN gets some small funding by taking on a new PEN, but iDigBio does not.
  • Automation and Scaling Up Digitization (I also put this in the Summit section).
    • Ideas from Summit V and 5 years of progress
    • Next steps implementation of the Webinars suggested at the Summit.

Website update and sustainability

  • Increase role of community in maintaining content -> Larger role for Wiki; lesser role for Drupal
  • Content organization/re-organization
    • Facelift? (In consultation with Jeremy - he is against this.: JM)
  • Mendeley vs. Biblio
    • Improved discoverability & functionality?
    • All content in one location?
    • Get a Library Science grad student to help us with our document repository concerns (I asked Greg R. to look for someone: JM)

Tools Knowledge in the Community

  • Developing a strategy for sharing what tools are out there
  • Sharing information about skills researchers need to use particular tools
    • Could get lots of info from iPlant and Data Carpentry about the skills problems people run into when trying to use any of the community tools for research.
      • Use this to strategically point people to where they can transform their data, or learn a skill.
    • NOTE: skills needed are mostly the same across the data providers and researchers based on the experience of COLLAB-IT, Data and Software Carpentry.
  • Everyone watch this video together (DP, KL, MC)
  • The value of blitzes and hackathons

Value added services

  • Annotations workflows - Analyzing the needs, expectations and desires of submitters, curators, and observers around the collection and presentation of annotations.
    • Greg R. would like a break-out group on this topic.
  • The new iDigBio Outlier Detection and Documentation by Collectors (or the ODD Collectors) Working Group (Austin and Katie S)


  • Audiences for iDigBio E&O (Shari proposed -- we can use ADBC Audience Table or the discussion slides developed from the Summit V E&O breakout session)
    • Should we prioritize?
  • E&O Workshops proposed by NSF
    • iPlant
    • How to work with K-12 for TCNs/Collections Community (Proposed by Roland Roberts at the Summit)
  • The value of blitzes and hackathons
  • New directions for the Libraries of Life Augmented Reality app and cards; sustainability of them (Austin)
  • New directions for WeDigBio and its sustainability (Austin and Libby)
  • 2016 Education and Outreach Webinar Series (Here are the voting results from the Summit with the top 8 that we can start with)
  • What about developing a MOOC (Proposed by Austin at the Summit)


  • Topics that come up at the Summit:
  • Issue certificates to collections that participate in ADBC, perhaps meeting some quota set by iDigBio.
  • Automation and Scaling Up Digitization (this is in the Sustainability section too -- also fits in Tools and Knowledge section).
    • Ideas from Summit V and 5 years of progress
    • Next steps implementation of the Webinars suggested at the Summit.
  • Workshops Overview
    • What are folks planning / thinking about?