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[Category:Workshop]] This page includes resources for the Specify for Paleo Collections workshop supported and coordinated by iDigBio in collaboration with the Specify Software Project

Specify for Paleo Collections Workshop
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Specify for Paleo Collections Workshop Agenda
Specify for Paleo Collections Workshop Biblio Entries
Specify for Paleo Collections Report1 Report 2

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Workshop Outline

  • Agenda-Specify for Paleo Workshop May 2014
  • Collaborative Notes at Specify for Paleo Workshop 2014
  • Specify Hardware Configuration Terminology
  • Daily Schedule
    • 8:30 Welcome and Introductions (first day only)
    • 9:00 Specify (Andy Bentley), iDigBio (Deb Paul) and Paleoniches TCN (Bruce Lieberman) presentations (first day only)
    • 10:00 Specify session with morning break (all other days we will start at 9:00am)
    • 12:00 Lunch on your own at KU Union or Oread Hotel
    • 1:00 Specify session with afternoon break
    • (4:00 Thursday only: Specify 6 stratigraphy data model, possible change discussion)
      • We'll be joined remotely by the NSF EarthCube C4P RCN workshop participants - in Washington DC.
    • 5:00 End of session
    • 6:30 Dinner on your own
      • morning and afternoon breaks where they fit.




Logistics in Lawrence

Archival Reference Documents from Specify 6 Workshop 2013