Pre-digitization Curation and Staging

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The following two links provide information on pre-digitizing-Curation and staging-of specimens (Nelson et al. 2012). This is usually the first step in the digitization workflow. It is helpful in many regards as it allows technicians to:

  1. inspect and repair specimen damage,
  2. re-pin or remount specimens and replenish or replace preservatives in containers,
  3. treat specimens for pests, attach a unique identifier (most often a 1- or 2-D barcode) to a specimen, container, or cabinet, #discover important but previously unknown, lost, or dislocated holdings,
  4. update nomenclature and taxonomic interpretation,
  5. reorganize the contents of cabinets, cases, trays, and containers, especially when these are the units of digitization,
  6. vet type specimens, and
  7. select exemplars for digitization, when that approach is appropriate.

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