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This wiki supports the paleo imaging workshop to be held at the University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences, to include the High-Resolution X-ray CT Facility, and various research units at the Pickle Research Center, 28 April-2 May, 2014

Paleo Imaging WorkshopWorkshop
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There are 3 agendas. Day 1 is a large group session. Days 2 & 3 are mirrors of each other and feature a short course on CT scanning and a series of demonstrations.

Workshop Report

Paleo Imaging Workshop Report


Remote Participation

Remote participation will be provided via Adobe Connect:
Editable copy of the DROID4 workflows for input and editing. Please use a color other than black to make edits and changes. Changes are saved immediately.

Presentation Documents

Workshop Recordings

Day1 April 29

Day2 April 30

Day3 May 1

Station Key
Station 5: IllustratorLineDrawings Kyle Luckenbill Start - 21:45
Station 6: SpecPrepSmokeRemove Jim Sprinkle 22:00 - 42:50
Station 7: MultiFocusHeliconRemote Angie Thompson 43:30 - 1:02:35
Station 3: Lightbox (Photosimile) Erica Clites 1:05:19 - 1:24:53
Station 1: NextEngine/3Dimaging Aaron Wood 1:26:57 - 1:47:00
Station 11: Visionary Digital BK system Ben Dumont 2:02:57 - 2:28:40
Station 9: WholeDrawerImaging Cissy Geigerman 2:29:05 - 2:37:06
Station 10: ImageAttachmentDatabase Liath Appleton 2:37:50 - 2:44:44
Station 2: GeneralImaging Roger Burkhalter 2:46:45 - 3:00:11
Station 4: SmallSpecimenImaging Christina Byrd 3:01:02 - End

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