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iDigBio has various options for creating a display at conferences or other events. There are a total of five panels, allowing multiple configurations. The displays are all very easy to set up -- it only takes about 5 minutes with no experience necessary. When packed, the displays are stored in canvas bags about twice the width of a poster tube, which are easy to travel with.

Example event setup:

Large booth.jpg

How to reserve

You can reserve any of the iDigBio displays by sending an email to


If you reserve the iDigBio display, please take great care when setting up the panels. Pull the canvas panel out slowly from the base to avoid creases or tears. Similarly, make sure they recoil slowly to avoid damage when tearing the display down.


Large Display

The large display consists of one 83.25"H X 39.5"W panel flanked by two 78.5"H X 31.5"W panels:


Small Display

The small display consists of a single 83.125"H X 31.5"W panel:


Podium Display

The podium background display consists of a single 83.125"H X 31.5"W panel: